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    AvatarCorrine Smith

    I’m wondering what experience other people are having with this registry, weather our experience is just a fluke.

    We have been trying to get papers for our gilt from Brian the registrar since May of this year. Brian said he sent them out three times and each time they ” Got lost in the Mail” I assume.

    We were assured two weeks ago by him ( on this forum )he was dropping it in the mail and we still have not received it.

    Since the mail is so unreliable we decided to sent registration papers registered mail to him for a boar we purchased last month. These have been waiting in the post office and Brian has not picked them up, he was notified an November 30th by the post office.

    We sent David a check two or three weeks ago, Richard was going to find out why it is not being deposited and we are still waiting for an answer.

    I called the president Richard on Sunday for assistance, he assured me he would talk to Brian and get the ball rolling. I did receive an email back from him that he would let me know what was going…..I expected that Richard might be able to get a response form Brian.

    At this point in time we are no further along in the process than we were a month ago. We have been members for almost a year and have not received any satisfactory service from the LBHA to date.

    We understand that there have been some difficulties with the association and that the time spent is voluntary however its very unprofessional the way business is being handled. By taking over the management of this association and exchanging money for services there must also to be accountability by the officers otherwise credibility of this registry is in jeopardy.

    Don Smith

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    I appreciate that this process has been frustrating for you. It hasn’t made my life easier, either.

    I have not received any notice from my post office so I called the Postmaster this morning. He said that your letter is there and apologized that I had not received notice. I will pick it up later today.

    There are lessons that we can all learn from this. For my part, I have a bad habit of accepting incomplete applications and trying to work with what I am given. Both registration applications that I received from you were incomplete. After the first incident in May I rewrote the registration forms to make it clear what I needed. After I posted on this forum the necessity of providing me with supporting documents, you spoke about the forms and process still being confusing. So I again rewrote the forms and process to make it even more clear. In that same post I told you to send the original form for the latest registration to the listed address:

    “You need to mail it to the address listed (Dave Dalan).”

    Instead you apparently mailed it to me where it has sat in my local Post Office; as I thought you were sending it to Dave I had no reason to expect it or question why I had not received it.

    The latest application that you submitted had the following as identification for the hog you wanted to register:

    “Sire’s Registered Name

    Stillmeadow Longfellow

    Dam’s Registered Name

    Stillmeadow Prudence

    This Hog’s Registration Name

    Alderbrook Longfellow”

    The registration forms stated clearly that I need the full registered names (that includes numbers as shown in the example). Without that I have to do research to try and find out which hogs are involved or just wait for the supporting paperwork to show up in the mail. In this case it was held at the Post Office so your registration has been languishing in my todo list. Had you provided the full names I could have worked on this much sooner.

    What I should have done was to reject the application when it came in, asking you to fill out the form correctly.

    For you and other members, please read the forms carefully and provide what is asked. If you are unsure about what to provide please ask, either me directly or via this forum. We are doing our best to remove the barriers that keep you from getting what you need while maintaining the value of our registry and your hogs. If you have better ideas we are wide open to suggestions.

    Don, assuming that the original registration for your latest hog is complete when I go to the Post Office, I will give both of your registrations to him and send them back to you registered, signature required. Please check with your Post Office if you don’t get notice soon.


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    AvatarCorrine Smith


    Yes you did say to send the registration to David, the forum however posted your name and address in the ” Register Hogs ” link. I see you’ve removed it an that Davids name is listed again as the recipient. FYI we did send him the check 3 weeks ago and it still has not been deposited.

    I am not going to continue this as you’ve told me you will be sending the registration papers to us and that’s all we are asking.

    I feel justified though in expressing my frustration given the fact that you have written me on three separate occasions over an eight month period telling me that the registration was being sent out.

    Hopefully this will serve to improve the registry.

    I look forward to hearing from you if there is a problem with the paperwork.


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    AvatarCorrine Smith

    Thank you Brian we received our registration Papers yesterday.

    Don and Corrine

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    AvatarShire Gate

    Your post sounds oh too familiar. Same issues all the way around. Brian got everything fixed over time except one. This last endeavor I was just transferring ownership with hard copy papers. I’m still waiting….since June. Plus they still are not listed under our farm on the site either. Was told Dec 5 it’s supposed to be fixed. We are very fortunate that we have all of ours sold for meat production (expect 140 piglets next year on the low end) so hopefully by the time we go to register any, all of the registering problems will be figured out.


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    To be honest, I’ve heard this a few times out of a lot of registrations, so it is not as frequent as some make out. The vast majority of registrations precede without a hitch. The improvements we have made to the process make registrations faster than they were, BUT you must understand that there are still some hang ups from problems in the past.

    Most of the time the problems that I have investigated can be traced back to breeders or new owners not filling in their paper work properly or not sending everything in that is necessary (I’m not saying that the posters here fall into that category). We have tried to make the process as easy to follow as possible, please let us know if there is something you don’t understand.

    I want to make sure that our membership knows that Brian as the registrar has to have everything in line before he is allowed to register any hogs. The registry is very important to all of us and I’m sure you will agree that we have to make sure that it is kept ‘pure’. It is Brian’s responsibility to make sure that hogs in the registry should be there. If the membership do not provide the information Brian needs to register a hog, then there will be delays until he gets what he needs. Those delays are not his fault! Please also keep in mind that Brian may also ask someone else to confirm some information and that other person may not get back to him for some time. Again, this is not Brian’s fault.

    If we all would try to follow the instructions set forth on this website and on litter certificates or registration documents then things would go fairly smoothly. The major problem I have heard is complaints from people buying LB hogs and breeders not providing them with the right information. When they buy from someone that hands them the right piece of paper and tells them, ‘just send this in when you register your hog’, the buyer says, “It’s a simple as that? Why did the other breeder get me so confused?”

    Please, please, please follow the instructions online or on the certificates to register animals. If something confuses you then please pass that information on so that we can make things clearer.



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    Thanks, Richard. One of the problems is that, since inception, we have relied upon email communication as our primary means of tracking membership and registration processes. I’ve received and sent more than 2800 emails in the past year alone and we now have more than 800 hogs in our database. I’ve created a fairly complex system of tagging emails to keep track of everything but it’s still all hidden within the email account. This doesn’t provide members with any visibility to the progress of their request and that lack of knowledge leads to some of the frustration.

    Richard brought up an idea of tracking requests via our website. While that is a very complex thing and requires a lot of coding, I am playing with an open source script that may provide the capability in the short term. It’s early but, if I can work out the bugs, it may be up and running by the new year. This system takes the output of our website forms and creates “tickets” that are then embedded in a database. When a member requests something via our forms (membership, registration, CIs, etc.) the system emails the member with a ticket number and direct link to the tracking system. As the Registrar works on the request he or she adds a comment to the ticket which is then visible to the member. For example, when we receive proof of payment or support documents, the Registrar would update the ticket with that item. The member could also add comments and upload documents. Once the request is completed the Registrar would add a comment that the resulting document was mailed or emailed to the member.

    The benefit of this would allow each member to keep track of the status of their request and know about any behind the scenes steps that are in work or holding up the request. The system only shows each member their individual tickets but the Registrar and any helpers would be able to view and work on all requests.

    I’m having some problems with our web host integration; right now I’m testing it on my own web host which provides the capability I need; Richard and I will work out these problems over time. But if I can get this thing to work correctly it will go a long way toward preventing some folks from wondering about why their requests are taking longer than they expected.

    More to come…thanks for everyone’s patience while we work on this.


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    AvatarShire Gate

    I’m glad that you are being so thorough in your process and I’m sure we all appreciate it, I do….but when you have a hard copy of registration papers and all you are doing is transferring ownership, why does that process take months?


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    I have emailed any number of times and thought that I did not need to send anythign in. Months ago you said you had everything you needed and the papers would be coming. I have emailed numerous times over the past several months tomdotjones@nddotusdadotgov and have had no luck in getting any response. Please let me know if I need to start all over again or what is going on.

    ANd BTW, I thought long and hard about posting this here. I understand the growing pains that you all are going through. If I need to resubmit everythign and pay again that is what I will do. But we have a number of rare sheep, goat and hogs breeds with small associations, and I have to tell you guys this has been a nightmare camporatively. And its not just me. I have two other breeders I am conversing with who ave also had serious problems.

    Please advise.

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    Brian, to add to this post, I sent 2 transfers (original documents) of pigs, certified mail, and a notice was left to you on Dec. 11th. If you don’t pick them up w/in 15 days, it gets sent back to me. I sent it certified so it wouldn’t get lost. In the midst of all this craziness, I wonder why the board doesn’t suggest having a paid position for the registrar. I’d definitely be willing to fork over 5 extra bucks per pig so this doesn’t happen. Things need to get moving, and I know this doesn’t sound too nice, but I’m not here to be nice. I’m here to get my pigs registered in a reasonable amount of time.


    tracking number 7005 2570 0000 2034 8498

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    Pamela, I have not received any notice. This has happened before, recently. I am leaving on vacation in the morning but I’ll stop by the Post Office to see if your package is there.

    Folks, PLEASE email me and let me know if you have sent something registered or certified to me so that I can look for it before it gets too late.

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    TomJones – I’m going to drop you a private email about this to get some more details, but Brian will get it sorted out I know.

    Pamela – Like Brian said, this has happened to him before. He lives on a rural route and his carrier seems to have a mental block to leaving notices! We will have to address this issue, maybe we have to use a different address, I’m not sure. However, for now please follow Brian’s advice and send him an email if you ‘certify’ your mail to him.

    You also mentioned about a paid registrar position. The board has already discussed this and turned it down. In the business world I have always found that throwing money at a problem does not always make it go away. Registrations are more complicated than most people think and to train someone to the current process only to change it later is a waste of resources. As far as I am concerned, once we have all the improvements in place, the registrar’s position will be one of validation and not processing and they will have a greatly reduced work load. So much so that any paid position would probably be done away with. We have already reduced the workload by the improvements we have made. Last month alone we were able to register over 100 hogs, something that was not possible a few months ago. We are definitely not where I want us to be, but we are getting there.

    To everyone. Brian and I are working on a communication system that will provide 100% more visibility to the registration process and what hoops he has to go through to get your hogs registered. The system will provide you a date stamped history of actions taken and what information Brian needs from you. A lot of the delays people have are when Brian has to wait to hear from other people associated with your hog registration (e.g. when the breeder has not filled in something correctly). For privacy reasons we can’t tell you exactly what the communication is, but you will see why there is a delay and be able to followup accordingly. The new system will provide a great deal more transparency and accountability and will mean that others can help you when Brian is unavailable (those others will have access to the complete history of your communications with Brian). We hope to have this working in January 2011.

    Merry Christmas.


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    AvatarShire Gate

    If you talk directly to your postmaster general for your location he HAS to address this issue. By not delivering these notices your carrier is breaking the law. My grandfather was a postmaster general. So even if your delivery is ours is…they have to deliver everything. Also by making friends with them, they will go out of their way for you. It has helped us tremendously here on the farm. We get more mail and deliveries then all of our neighbors in a 10 mile radius and can be very very hectic.

    ~Deanna Missouri

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