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    My Dear Friends,
    This is an announcement of my resignation as Secretary of the Large Black Hog Association. I have enjoyed getting to know every one of you and your hogs. The Secretary term is up this year. I urge all of you to take a more active role in the Association.

    My reason for leaving is my farm and family. My family has been very patient and supportive of my role with the LBHA for more than 7 years. They have sacrificed their time and our family time so that I may carry out my role here. It is time to concentrate on them and reward them for their patience. I tend to promote the LBHA over my own farm and over the years I have diversified from horses and hogs to include chickens, cattle, vegetables, bees and maple syrup. My animals need to come first and as my farm grows, my time diminishes. My daddy always said “Horse, saddle, man. This is the order of things.” Take care of your animal first, the equipment second and yourself third. I am missing out on some things that I believe I will regret as my son and farm grow.

    I am no longer on the Board and wish everyone the very best. Please call the 800 number for any advice, issues and requests. Alison Charter-Smith will be handling the Secretary duties for the time being. Alan McKamey, acting President, will be answering the phone. I am still available for advice and thoughts, but only on a personal level not as a representative of the LBHA.

    My advice to the membership is that this is YOUR organization. It runs only with your input. Your timely submission of requests and your active participation in the growth and success of the Association. The LBHA cannot grow and succeed without your thoughts, your articles, your experiences, your animals and the strict scrutiny you exhibit with registrations. I hope to write more articles myself. You ARE the Association.

    I have enjoyed you all. As Always…

    Happy Hogging,
    Felicia Krock
    Owner, Triangle K Ranch
    Kenton Ohio

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