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    Hi there,
    We have a sow at about a year old. She is rooting like crazy. However last year she was a good grazer. We have changed the /grain/feed source. And she was without pasture all winter, a very long winter. I She did get hay over the winter. I have been giving her a couple additional eggs each day to increase her protein. Do you think she is missing something in her diet..minerals? Has anyone had this happen? Our other pigs are mostly grazing. We have a lot of grazing space but are reluctant to put her in there, we don’t want her to root up everything like she has in her current pasture.

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    If she is rooting and didn’t before, I would think that would indicate minerals or something missing from her diet. You mentioned that you changed feed. I would go back and really look at the differences between the ingredients of those two feeds. You can also offer some free choice salt and minerals to supplement if needed.

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    If grass is available and ground is not wet at all, I would agree that there is a lack of mineral and also agree to look at the difference between the feed ingredients.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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