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    The impetus of the calendar is:

    1. To get top quality pictures representing the different pedigree lines

    2. Education information will be included throughout the calendar

    3. As an advertising and PR aid for Large Black hogs

    4. To encourage your involvement as a current member of the LBHA and enthusiast of Large Black hogs

    5. Farm and herd recognition

    6. For some fun


    To get a variety and an overview of Large Black hogs we would like pictures in the following categories. The goal is to have quality pictures for a professional looking calendar.

    1. Mature Sows – Must be full side view picture of sow

    2. Mature Boars – Must be full side view of boar

    3. Growing Pigs 40 to 240 pounds

    4. Pigs on pasture

    5. Piglets with sow

    6. Nostalgia Pictures


    1. Winners in each category will have picture on one month of calendar, with farm name, plus 10 free calendars to give away

    2. Each farm submitting pictures will receive a free calendar

    Picture Information:

    * Pictures must be sent in digital format

    * Pictures become property of LBHA

    * Pictures must be appropriate for a general audience

    * Participants will be notified before picture is used in calendar

    * Picture must include pedigree information of pig(s) pictured

    * Picture must include farm name, address, and contact info

    * Pictures will be selected by appointed committee

    * Pictures must be sent to by August 15 to be eligible for the calendar.

    Any questions can be submitted by email to


    Kelly & Duane Luzier

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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