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    Member: WA BobbyBobby

    I’m new to raising livestock. I have a breeding pair that are now old enough to breed. I’ve definitely seen “activity” out in the pasture. Are there signs on my gilt that would tell me that she’s pregnant early on.

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    Member: WI AvatarHarvey Work

    There are no real early signs to tell that a gilt is bred. And since it is hard to see any swelling of the vulva when a Large Black gilt is in heat, (in other breeds the swelling can be quite pronounced) one must watch for breeding behavior patterns. If you saw breeding activity, mark down the date and watch closely 18 to 21 days later to see if the gilt recycles. Of course if there is no sign of breeding activity the gilt was probably bred 21 days earlier. You can then mark that date to determine approximate farrowing date. As time goes on the gilt should start to show more fullness of belly, maybe add a bit of fat cover to the body. Sows and gilts both tend to “bloom” and be more content when they are pregnant. I have found the Large Black boars to be very adept at getting gilts and sows bred. Good luck with your endeavor!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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