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    Member: MD Avatarkatharine

    We have a sow that injured her teats in the giant 3 ft. snow storm this fall. She ws nursing a litter of about 4 wks old. It seemed that 2 of her teats were split open on the ends. After an attempt to wean the litter at 7 weeks, some of the piglets got back in with her and apparently munched the end off one of her teats! Poor girl! Two others seem injured s well. We blue coated them, and have kept the piggies away. Has anyone heard of this? Anything we can do? I am concerned that she will not be able to nurse her next litter adequately. A few of her teats did not develop properly, could they be viable next time Around?

    Thanks for the help!


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    If her teats got damaged then they wouldn’t have been able to stand up the the rigors of very hungry piglets. The damaged teats will not do anything next time around. The breed standard is for 12 teats, but we personally cull anything below 14 partly for this sort of reason.

    The ones that you noticed were not developed are probably because the piglets didn’t bother with them. The piglets favor certain teats and the ones that aren’t used just dry up.

    I think everything will be fine. Just keep using the Blue Coat until chance of infection has passed. Isn’t that stuff great?


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    Member: MD Avatarkatharine

    Thanks so much. When you count the teats, do you count every teat, even the ones that look like they didn’t get used with the last litter?
    I appreciate your help!

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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    We count the teats at birth & then again at 8 weeks old when we wean. Just because a teat did not get used this time round does not mean it will not get used next time, unless of course it is damaged. Some of our sows have SO much milk poor things need bras BUT it is only on the ones that the piglets suck from.


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