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    Hi Everyone-

    What would be an acceptable fee for charging someone who wants to use one of our registered boars to mate with their sow? The sow was originally purchased from our farm and would be brought back for mating.


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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    Gosh! Have no idea – that is something we have never done nor would do due to bio-security. By bringing an animal onto your farm you are opening the whole herd up for possible disease/infection etc. When you bring new animals onto the farm you should quarantine for 30 days. May sound too extreme to some but in our minds it has just never been worth the risk. Yes you might earn yourself a few dollars & I mean a few BUT it may cost you way more in the long run. I know some folks do it all the time but we would not. The other thing to consider is insurance. What if something happens to that sow whilst she is on your farm? Will she be insured? What if she hurts a leg & is no longer viable? All things to think about.


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    Member: Texas Val Vetter and Debra AaronVal Vetter and Debra Aaron

    We provided stud service to our friends pigs and they offered us $250 and said that was a going rate. I’ve also seen $350 a month advertised. Hope that helps.

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    I thought of this sometime back, I bought my Breeding pair from Richard & Liz Pomeroy chhogs
    I think and feel now the way they do, when you look at what your costs would be, figure on top of the service fee time gas loading on loading et.. I think now, its just as easy without the risks to buy a boar, or a boar from a litter that your after (Bloodline/name)
    Just my point of view.
    Patrick Rhéaume
    Rhéaume’s Large Black Hogs

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    Thanks for the replies!

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