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    We have two hogs that have developed swollen joints. We have been adding 40% supplemental feed to their diet and they seem to be doing a little better. They seem to get around ok to eat and drink and root around. Does anyone know anything about this and what we can do to cure them? Thanks!!

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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    Are these young pigs or older ones? We see swollen joints in young pre-weaned pigs from time to time & have no idea what causes it. We automatically cull them & do not sell them as breeders even if they recover as we do not want to to take the risk of it being genetic.


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    They are young hogs, about 5 mo old. The sow’s previous litter was very healthy with no problems like this. So, yes, we will cull them. Thanks!

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    We have several gilts that just turned up with distinctly swollen joints front and back knees equivalent….it progressively gets worse and then they don’t seem to get around. One is 4 months old, the other is 8 months old…..Anyone dealt with this, have thoughts on how to address?

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    Member: Indiana AvatarAlan McKamey

    Can you send me some pics of the swollen joints

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