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    Member: PA Duane & Kelly LuzierDuane & Kelly Luzier

    “Helping all Pigs” is what their pamphlet front reads! The Swine Medical Database is “On a mission collection, storing and tracking medical data on swine, through a searchable online database.” Kelly picked up their brochure at the Livestock Conservancy Convention and has asked me to share. So it you have a swine medical question you may want to check it out…

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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    I spent a while looking their site over. It seems to be almost exclusively about potbellied pigs. There is a caution somewhere on the forums here that pretty much says to keep it all Large Blacks all the time here…

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    Member: Ohio RegistrarRegistrar

    This is an approved Non-Profit.

    Where much of the information IS about Potbellied pigs, this database is about ALL pigs, especially Heritage Breeds. The founder of SMD has supported various heritage swine breeders by providing “unofficial” swine health advice for free for more than 35 years. When the Duchess Fund website (Potbellies) was retired, Jenny became concerned that the wealth of information it contained would no longer be available. She decided to initiate the SMD and ensure that its database continued and was expanded to allow searching and additions by the swine community. Databases do not appear out of thin air, but are added to over time with many different issues and experiences.

    All cases submitted to the database are reviewed by a register veterinarian before being published. Cases that are submitted should have had your local veterinarian involved in the diagnosis and treatment, but exceptions will be considered.

    When searching for information on symptoms that arise within your swine herd, this is a resource that has information that a veterinarian has approved, sited treatments, agreed with diagnosis and also considers holistic care. And is FREE.

    Quoted from brochure:

    “Heritage is a term used to describe breeds that thrived in the time of our forefathers. Over time, they developed traits that made them well-suited for local environments including pasture-based settings. As industrial agriculture developed, these breeds began to fade in the shadows of modern breeds that grew faster and produced leaner pork. Heritage breeds are known for good maternal instincts, the ability to forage, good even temperament and efficient feed conversion on pasture.
    Heritage hogs are maintained in small groups/herds in many parts of the world. They are pasture raised and allowed to forage as much as possible. Stress is reduced to a minimum. Medical monitoring of these pigs is relatively easy since the genetic pool has become small resulting in lower numbers of live animals to consider. There are many overlaps between potbellied pig and heritage hog medical issues: diet, water quality and availability, neo-natal and newborn piglet care, infertility and stress management. A thirty year overview of potbellied pig case histories has and will continue to contribute to the best possible health care for all pigs.”

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