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    Well I went and purchased another boar, nothing like what I saw in the past all clean and healthy. the guy I got the hog from said he was working on getting the registration, I said no problem… well I called to check how the registrations were coming and he said he can’t seem to get any response, which I understand I have been waiting for almost 4 months now. He apoligized over and over, “is there anything I can do”, offered to give me my money back, poor guy said he was so embarrased, seeing as I am having such a problem I knew was telling the truth. I told him don’t worry when I finally get mine I’ll work on yours, Well I went to get copies of the parents and he has sold all his LB’s and he told me he would not deal with the LBHA ever again…SAD

    I will keep trying I know its not the Breeds fault. Atleast this man is honest and treats others the way he wants to be treated. Too bad for me I didn’t meet this guy first, He has given me much hog wisdom… He actually went to purchase the 2 hogs I ended up buying, and he did run from what he saw as fast as he could, But he has many years experience raising other heritage hogs. lets just say he will make a great witness.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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