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    Does anyone have any information pertaining to traits or differences between the different lines? Do some tend to be rangier or stockier, more prolific, calmer or a bit more high-strung, faster growing, larger size, better mothers, etc? I have had a potential buyer ask me some of these things and I couldn’t answer the questions so am hoping some on here have done some research regarding it.

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    Member: Ohio RegistrarRegistrar

    The answer is yes! Different lines have different traits. Now, the challenge is for the membership to look at their hogs and notice those differences and report them in this thread. I think it is a fantastic question and one that I hope others participate.

    For my pigs, My Matildas have ears that are so long that I am not sure how they are still on their heads! My Super boar has shoulders that are enormous and armor plated which is different than the Iowa Alrose or Noble Sam boars I have. The Super is a fantastic father and tends to the piglets, I am not sure about the Noble Sam yet (haven’t had a litter) and the Iowa Alrose is more interested in getting her bred again. My Prudence sow out of a Defender is longer and doesn’t have as deep of a chest as my Prudence out of a Majestic. The Prudence/Majestic has a deep body and is an excellent mother. My Warbler/Super has just had her first litter and is gently protective. She does not allow any other pigs or dogs near her babies, but is receptive to me picking them up and inspecting them daily. They all forage well and are joys to have.

    What are your experiences with your hogs?

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    Member: OK Jennifer LedlowJennifer Ledlow

    Charlotte /Longfellow – lots of energy, not much hair, very curious/bossy. 2 are great mothers, one was awful. Litter sizes were 4, 10, and 13.

    Warbler- HUGE, calm, great mother, very hairy. She has a really long straight back. Litter size was 8.

    Super- BIG, Loves to play, calm, hairy, sweet to the sows and piglets.

    This is our first year with this breed and they are so fun!

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    I w. as re searching lbh, I’ve dealt with other livestock, horses for example. There is a vast amount of information on the different lines. Therefore I naturally looked for information here and was sorely disappointed.
    I have since come to the conclusion that the information I seek does not exist.
    Therefore my new question is: Is there a system under works to create a database that will provide this information? I’m imagining a survey that has all the different lines of bore and sow, cross possibilities and various traits to be given whenever anyone renews a membership to start and then 2 be given and filled out in order to register a new litter. this definite than going into a compliation of charts to indicate how strong each line carries different traits, such as mothering abilities milk ham size gentle mass

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    So sorry my phone is not working properly and that is what Im using and it posted before I was ready to post.

    however in conclusion as a potential new breeder I would like to breed for gentleness, least rooting tendency and mothering capabilities as a few examples. And to do this without much trial and error is the most financially feasible.

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    Member: WI Blink Blink-thankfulBlink Blink-thankful

    Our Charlotte/Super has light skin, grey like, she has remained smaller than our Warbler. I noticed two of her 8 pigs had a grey tone to them when they were born they seemed tall too. You could easily see the color different when you seen all the pigs together. She (Charlotte) is more vocal than our other pigs and so were her piglets. She is more passive and gets along well with others. She wines and walks away rather than engaging in fighting. Our Warbler/Majestic, more black and hairy, she is in charge and a little uptight. She is more protective. Our Super has very large shoulders, long long ears, playful and very gentle.

    I hope more folks join in on this.

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    Member: WI jmcs_3jmcs_3

    Our Warbler sow is thick in the girth. She has the biggest heart girth on the farm. A lot of loin. She has medium hair coat, black. Big ears, she is long but her length is a bit short compared to others. Her temperament is mellow, not a boss hog at all. Very good mama!
    Noble Sam boar, no hair coat (poor guy in WI) lighter in color. He is smaller bodied, right now at 2 1/2 he is approx. 425-450. Triple curl in his tail. Very mellow as well, goofy, and very needy for attention.
    Defender boar. Very thick hair coat, very dark black. He is more skittish than the other hogs, but not unfriendly. He is thicker in the body. He is more handsome than the Noble Sam boar. Haven’t had a litter out of him yet.
    Let’s hope this continues!
    Melissa Smith

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