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    We just had a sad, unfortunate and avoidable situation with our latest 3 litters. They were healthy and doing fine until 4-5 wks of age starting getting ill. Come to find out it was the circo virus and all of the piglets had to be put down. It is a common pig virus but not one that I had heard of. We had 4 new pigs introduced into the herd last May. Although they have been separated from our original herd and bred by a different boar and bio security was practiced as best it could be the virus still got shed between the two sets of pigs. The first pigs we got 5 years ago ended up having poor results their first couple of litters until a vet suggested it was porcine parvo virus and we vaccinated for it and then never had those problems again. I am strongly recommending that all breeders have their pigs blood tested and vaccinate accordingly so these viruses aren’t perpetuated and spread from one farm to another. The adult pigs are healthy appearing and when exposed to the viruses at a young age have antibodies built up to protect themselves against the disease. When they are stressed, moved to new locale and put in with other pigs etc, they can then shed those viruses to others that weren’t exposed and have no immunity against the disease. In the state of maine the state vets will come to your farm and draw blood for free to test for brucellosis and psuedorabies. At little cost the farmer can pay for additional tests to identify other diseases. We need to build healthy herds and provide healthy breeding stock to other buyers to be sure this breed thrives and is built on a good reputation. It is a very costly mistake not to do so. Sincerely, Jean Rouillard

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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