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    What is the norm on vaccines for the LBH’s? Are there any that are highly recommended? Or do breeders generally not use any? My vet mentioned erysipelas, bordatella and one other which I can’t quite remember. I didn’t vaccinate my last litters and all were fine. Although I did give them one iron shot each at birth since they were cooped up in a barn stall and not outside at first.

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    Cyndie, my vet gave my 2 sows a Paraplenro Shield, and Ferro Sure Gold shot. These 2 shots included what you have listed above…. and about 5 more including Actino bacillus, haemophilus,pasturella, parro, and lepto-5 way. She indicated to me if you are going to breed these are a good idea to give. Best of Luck.

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    If you do vaccinate you need to do it yearly on a consistent basis. It really depends on what your philosophy is for farming. Some breeders vaccinate, some do not. It is personal choice, just make sure that when you sell your piglets you inform the new owner what you have done. This is very important as they may or may not want those vaccinations.

    Some breeders believe in breeding for hardiness, allowing the pigs to build up their own immunity & letting natural selection take its course. Others believe in vaccinating for some diseases & not others. And others vaccinate for everything possible disease that they could get.

    One thing you have to remember is that most vets are not used to pastured hogs. They are used to dealing with ones in confinement where disease is a real issue. Not putting them down here – our vet is absolutely great.

    Do what you feel is right for your farm & situation.



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