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    Member: OK Barry HollisBarry Hollis

    In my latest litter farrowed 30-Aug-16, I selected only one (1) boar out of four (4) to remain intact for breeding : Pickle Meadows Longfellow 3/4 7842.
    He has a 10.7% CI and his sire is Piggin Longfellow 2/5 6607 and Dam is C&C Prudence 2/5 6912.

    I am looking to trade him for a low CI boar unrelated to my sows and gilts. If unable to find a trade, I will offer him up for sale at $300.

    We are Pickle Meadows Farm located southwest of Tulsa in Kellyville, OK. Email me at or with your boar registration info or call 918-688-7312 and leave message.

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    Member: WA AvatarRob Dightman

    Are you still interested in selling your Boar? I am new to large black hogs and am looking for a young Boar.
    I am located in Washington and don’t know anything about shipping live animals, or if it is possible.


    Rob Dightman

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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