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    Member: Ohio RegistrarRegistrar

    Hello Folks,
    I have talked with our web Guru and asked about the slow loading of the website. He has assured me that he is working on it with the technicians who own the main server. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
    Thank you,

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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    That has been a problem since I’ve been a member…almost two years. If the hosting servers can’t be fixed in two years I’d say its time to change hosting companies.

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    You seem to have misunderstood Felicia’s post. She was referring to the recent issues with the site loading. These were have been caused by DDOS attacks on the server by some of those nasty hackers out there. While they have been banned, there seems to be something else going on intermittently which is still under investigation.

    As to the speed loading the site over the long term you seem to be referring to, there are many factors that go into this. For the fastest load the site could be changed to a simple text based one with no graphics, for example. Or we could remove the over 2000 lines of custom code that do things behind the scenes in addition to all of the regular webs code. It would be possible to close off this forum system to everyone but members. That would save a lot of checking behind the scenes as the system wouldn’t have to work so hard to filter out the 3.2 million spam comments to the forums it has done so far. There’s various other things that could be done as well, but the cost benefit of such a task would have to be analyzed. You also need to take into account the speed of the connection you have to the site.

    Of course it would be possible to run the website on a completely dedicated server with lots of very fast CPU’s, if the LBHA want the cost. Given the monthly fee the LBHA is charged right now you would be very lucky indeed to be running on the hardware the site is on and receive the back-end support that you get.

    If you have specific problems that you are seeing please let me know.

    Having said all that, I loaded the site tonight and it was up in about 2 seconds. I can live with that.



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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    Given that I BUILD sites and MAINTAIN sites…some far more complicated than the LBHA site and ALL of them WordPress sites as the LBHA site is…I have a better than passing knowledge of what makes a WordPress site tick, and how long a site should take to load, along with what makes a site slow.

    Now, I acknowledge I don’t know all of the code that makes this site tick behind the scenes, but I DO know what the site actually DOES, and if it is so loaded with code so as to slow it down as slow as it is, and to require a dedicated server to speed it up, then there is a lot of superflous code. Based on what the site actually DOES, a HostGator business plan, which runs 9 sites for me, would probably suffice and if not a VPS (Virtual Private Server) would certainly do the job. (And no, I don’t get a commission from HostGator.)

    Congrats on the site loading in two seconds for you…that is about 5 times faster than I have EVER had it load (on a 100MB ISP, so its not my Internet connection), and 10 seconds is a lifetime in website load speed.

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