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    Member: IA luckygeorgefarmluckygeorgefarm

    We raise all of our non-breeder quality females up for pork as well as any barrows that weren’t sold off farm on the hoof. We are fortunate to have a lovely local market where pork is in great demand. We carry our regular cuts of pork like pork chops but was wondering what other cuts are out there. We have an excellent butcher that is willing to be adventurous. Are there regional cuts you have? How do you choose the breakdown a Large Black carcass for sale? We also sell halves and wholes but getting cuts that sell well is always good info to have.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Angela Johnson
    Lucky George Farm

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    Avatarpatrick somerville

    Hi Angela the front shoulder roast are great to sell for pulled pork and cooking them on a Friday night in a crock pot wile you sleep is amassing to wake up to the smell , let it cool and pull it off also our butcher has taken this roast and smoked it to make cottage bacon.Fits well on a burger.Livers are cleaned and sliced for the customers that like liver ,Hams can have ham slices taken from the ends for a breakfast slice.smoked hocks are another crock pot item for ham and beans or soup . Lard low in cholesterol can be rendered and is better than Crisco for you , some will buy it for crackles. Sausages hot, sweet, maple,breakfast so many to choose from or just ground pork some will mix it 1/2 pork and 1/2 beef in meatloaf. ribs cracked or hole rack we have sold all cuts when 1/2 a pig is left we sell by the piece to some costumers that don’t have room for that much pork and you can get a better price by the piece many options to work with some costumers ask for chit lens and we cannot sell them in pa. I hope this gives you some new areas to try not much waste on a hog when they taste so good enjoy pat

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    Member: AR whannawhanna

    We are getting ready to meet with a local upscale restaurant and are looking for any advice on what to charge?

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    Member: Alaska AvatarBrian Schmitt

    Who has meat for sale? Looking for some chips, ribs, loin, etc…..


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    Member: Manitoba Reuben NesomReuben Nesom

    Hello Angela at Townsend we pull the coppa or the butt(in english) out of the shoulder. We then roll whats left on the spare ribs and cut into roasting joints. We would normally cure the picnic into a small ham or we can debone and roll that as well. We can take the hocks off but if we’re curing we would leave them as part of the ham. The rack is made into pork chops normally and the loins are made into boneless loin chops or barnsley chops if we’re splitting the pig ourselves. The tenderloin is pulled out and thinly sliced and pounded into scaloppini. There are several things we can do with the rear leg. We can leave the chump and hock on and make it all into a massive old style ham or proscuitto or we can cut the topside, silverside, thicke flank, and chump out separately and steak it or turn them into roasting joints by rolling and tying. The belly we turn into prime bacon we do Streaky, Ayreshire, and British bacon. We like to do value added cuts since it doesn’t cost any more for the butcher or killing fees and we sell the Ayreshire bacon for 20.00/lb rather than the 5 we would normally get.

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    Member: AR whannawhanna

    While we are able to sell our pork both retail from the ranch and to a local restaurant, we have received some feedback that our pork chops seem to be smaller than those from comparably sized hogs of other heritage breeds. (Eg. Berkshire). We have processed them at weights between 225 and 325 and still find that chops are smaller than other heritage breeds. Has anyone else experienced this? Our feedback regarding the flavor is always outstanding! But in the restaurant world size and appearance is everything.
    Thanking you in advance for any information.
    Waltina Hanna

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