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    Hello all, I was really wanting to raise some pigs, so I researched and found the LB’s and decided they were my first choice. I looked around trying to decide what to do, get piglets, get older pigs or a breeding pair. I thought piglets would take a while plus would have to find 2 sellers close, same with older pigs… but what If I got a pregnant sow, that would be the best way for me to jump straight into raising pigs, I could trade a piglet or 2 for different bloodlines. Anyways that didn’t work out at all. I think ended up with someone’s old retired boar and a sow I can’t get pregnant. Is there anyone near South Mississippi that has a boar that could service my sow? And how old would a boar need to be for her? How long is a sow good for? What should I do with the boar I have. I still think I made the right choice with LB’s even if my first experience went so bad.

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    Member: MO AvatarRandy Rayfield

    Sometimes you get a critter that for whatever reason just can’t get the job done. I got a boar and a gilt from two different breeders (in different states) and the boar was with my two gilts for a year and never bred one of them. Got a new boar, and BAM! first time the one gilt was bred, but been almost a year and the 2nd gilt, still no pigs. Sometimes you get a lemon, and you have to make sausage.

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    Member: Mississippi HogfeathersHogfeathers

    Thank you… that atleast made me lol… well I have a new boar. But now I have some new problems, I sent and paid my membership and registrations in the first week of June, and still NO registrations. And to top it off the guy I bought the new boar from says he has tried and tried to get his litter registration for months, and he has given up on Large Blacks alltogther because the LBHA was taking so long, which is a shame, it’s not the pigs fault…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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