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    Member: North Dakota AvatarNathaniel Pierce

    I have a boar and two gilts, just getting started. They have Longfellow, Matilda, Majestic, and Prudence in their backgrounds. they seem to be pretty darn lean. What would be the best boar line to get to add fat to the hogs?

    Thank you.

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    Member: tennessee AvatarRock Spring Hollow Farm

    Hey there …
    Generally the Large Black is not considered one of the “LARD” pigs-hogs. They are known as a lean animal. We average about 8 to 15 lbs of fat for processing from our 350 lb live weight LBs. If you wanted to generate more fat on them might want to consider feeding out at the end with barley or corn .. something along those lines. I would be VERY careful though on what it would do to your quality of the meat. It might make effect the micro marbling that this bread is know for. I have also heard where the meat was soft, mushy. Our breeding program is for tall, long and meaty. Our boar Noble Sam, has the nice square shoulders and our girls Daisy, Prudence, Warbler, have the nice wide hips. Our Prudence has the extra bit of roundness to her hams. LBs had a tendency to have flat butts. All of our breeding stock are long and tall. The LB is originally know as the “PREMIUM BACON” pig-hog because of its extra length and meaty nature. I hope this helps …

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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