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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    If you sell at market price you are doing yourself & everyone else a disfavor. If you actually figure out what it cost to raise these pigs & are honest about your input (farm cost etc) you will realize it costs more to actually turn a profit. Large Blacks are a specialty meat – it is best to develop your market which takes, times, effort & money but you will reap the reward. Market the meat as pasture raised or specialty fed depending on your practices. There are breeders selling their pork anywhere from $6 to $8.50 a pound, dress weight. Some are selling individual cuts WAY higher than that. The public is becoming more educated & does not want factory fed, confinement pork nor do they want pigs that have been genetically modified. People are prepared for quality, do not try to compete with the commercial market.

    Richard & Liz

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    Well Stated Richard & Liz, as a old Pig raiser its a transition to Heritage hogs, and asking market prices, being that way different from Commercial prices. Commercial price can be cheaper because like Richard & Liz stated, they are produce very fast, and takes about 6-8 month less to raise then LBH.
    Even just selling Organic, or chemically free pork, like a blue butt, its still costing someone more to raise them, and the folks again know what there getting.
    We think its one of the best time to be involved in the Black Hog Business, we all know what this pork is, and by providing market to other folks, “Word” of mouth is the best advertising you can get.
    Don’t cut yourselves short, for you won’t be in the business long.
    I know what Breeding pair costs.
    I know what Grain Cost
    I know what farming costs.
    Yes it seems steep compared to what some of us are use to.
    But you really need to look at it as if you are no longer selling Pintos, and are now selling Mercedes
    Hope that helps. just writing helped me, lol

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    Excellent points! Thanks for the input. I am in the process of getting my hog expenses separate from my cattle expenses so that I can figure out the actual costs. Some of the expenses are “farm” expenses which I will have to figure out how to prorate between the 2 livestocks. Thanks again!
    Cyndie Phillippe

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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    But you really need to look at it as if you are no longer selling Pintos, and are now selling Mercedes

    LOL! I love that 🙂


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    Thought this might help anyone starting out as you really do need to work hard at creating a market buzz but once you have a few customers through the door then let the quality of your meat do the advertising for you.
    Still early days for us (6 years) but we are busy busy busy and thanks to the Large Blacks we don’t worry about our pastured pork quality just our future bloodlines
    Good luck to anyone starting out

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    AvatarRobert Poteet

    Hello I’m just Starting with large blacks. I really don’t know how to proceed I’ve been watching the market here but there isn’t anyone in approx 50 miles.I talk to people they are interested in buying I think I could sell better with cuts. I wandering should I cure just hams ,could salt smoke pork bellies during holidays.I don’t have a lot I have been going about 3 maths now I got 4 about 300 and 1 375 got two young bores 150 . I know what can anyone tell me to do and are the little bores making me pigs already need help ..five advice how proceed with expensive hobby. I really like no even close raises.thanks feedback please . Tennessee Large black

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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