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    Wikipedia has one very short and pathetic article about Large Black Hogs. We (the Large Black Hog Association) is listed as a reference in the article. I think it would benefit all of us to have a well-articulated article about Large Blacks on WikiPedia as well as a good article about LBHA and that both articles should be linked to and from related wikipedia articles. This, of course, is not a small task. More importantly, I am not qualified to write such an article. I simply don’t have the experience yet. However, I am a very good editor and I am a very good writer. Perhaps a few of us could put our talents together and come up with something. Can someone do the research and write an outline with citation links? Can someone else use that outline and get a rough draft of an article put together? If those steps can get done then I can polish the article and publish it on wikipedia.

    What do ya’ll think?

    JoAnn Smotherman

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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    Hey Joanne,

    Thanks for offering to do this – great idea. We have written quite a lot of detail about Large Blacks on our website – Feel free to “steal” info from there. Brian also has alot of good info on his website (Homegrown Acres) but PLEASE ask his permission before taking the info 🙂 I know there are other experienced member’s websites out there – I just don’t know them all. Once you have your article written then maybe pass it by the board for approval?

    Thanks again – much appreciated.

    Liz – Missouri

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    Tag your it JoAnn. Good idea, but unless you start it might not get off the ground. Once you put info into the article anyone can edit it. It would be a good start to find out who originally started the article, and then start your collaboration there asking for input from thos with LBH experience and information along the way.

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    I’ve added some info on the LBHA website that can be used with appropriate linkbacks. Look under “Breed History”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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