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    Member: Manitoba Reuben Nesom
    Reuben Nesom

    Hello Angela at Townsend we pull the coppa or the butt(in english) out of the shoulder. We then roll whats left on the spare ribs and cut into roasting joints. We would normally cure the picnic into a small ham or we can debone and roll that as well. We can take the hocks off but if we’re curing we would leave them as part of the ham. The rack is made into pork chops normally and the loins are made into boneless loin chops or barnsley chops if we’re splitting the pig ourselves. The tenderloin is pulled out and thinly sliced and pounded into scaloppini. There are several things we can do with the rear leg. We can leave the chump and hock on and make it all into a massive old style ham or proscuitto or we can cut the topside, silverside, thicke flank, and chump out separately and steak it or turn them into roasting joints by rolling and tying. The belly we turn into prime bacon we do Streaky, Ayreshire, and British bacon. We like to do value added cuts since it doesn’t cost any more for the butcher or killing fees and we sell the Ayreshire bacon for 20.00/lb rather than the 5 we would normally get.

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