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Large Black Hog Breed Standards


American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
British Pig Association
Rare Breeds Canada
Canadian Swine Breeders’ Association
Large Black Pig Breeders Club
Large Black Pig Rescue Project
Rare Breeds Trust of Australia
Local Harvest
Slow Food USA
Humane Farm Animal Care
Rodale Institute


Information About Large Black Hogs

Oklahoma State University Large Black Hog
Large Black Pig Bloodlines (UK)


How to Raise Large Black Hogs

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy–Pigs (Traditionally Raised)
ATTRA’s Considerations in Organic Hog Production
Cornell University Small Farms Program–Raising Pastured Pigs
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, A Manual for the Primary Animal Health Care Worker, Chapter 4: The Pig ( Do NOT use their ear tag system )
Pasture Based Swine Management Arkansas State University
Pork Industry Institute Texas Tech University
Profitable Pork: Strategies for Hog Producers


Pig Medical and Health Information

The Pig Site Disease Identification Guide
The Pig Site Disease Problem Solver
Pig Diseases – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Swine Medical Database
Castrating Piglets
How To Castrate A Piglet with photos


News and Trends

Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute
The Pig Site
USDA Swine Market Reports


General Farming Info and Techniques

Productive Swine Husbandry, Lippincott’s Farm Manuals,1913, From Cornell University’s Virtual Library
Handy Farm Devices and How To Make Them
GMaps Planimeter – easy way to measure acreage
A useful tool to measure acreage with GPS coordinates




LBHA Legal Documents

Articles of Association
Articles of Association – Revised 2010
By-Laws – Revised 2010



Board Meeting Minutes

2009 Quarter 2
2009 Quarter 3
2009 Quarter 4
2010 Quarter 1
2010 Quarter 2
2010 Quarter 3
2010 Quarter 4
2010 Quarter 4-1
2010 Quarter 4-2
2011 Quarter 1
2011 Quarter 2
2014 Quarter 1
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2014 Quarter 3
2014 Quarter 4
2013 Quarter 1
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2012 Quarter 4
2012 Quarter 2
2012 Quarter 1
2015 January
2015 February
2015 March
2016 April

2016 August Emergency





Membership Meetings

Minutes 2011 (audio) (transcript)

2015 Membership Meeting