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Natural Pig Workshop

06.06.2011 in post

For all those who have questions regarding raising pigs more naturally check out the workshop to be held June 23, 2011 in Kiel, WI.  You can view the agenda by logging on to for details.  Yes, Wisconsin is a long way from many of you,...

Different Strokes

29.10.2010 in post

Raising heritage breed hogs, especially the ones with low numbers of individuals, brings with it more than a business proposition, more than a cost per pound of meat or return on investment. To be happy you must reset your expectations....


Heritage Books about Heritage Hogs

28.10.2010 in post

Since I raise "heritage" breed hogs I am always interested in how they were raised back when they were considered as every day hogs. I try to replicate the conditions that made them successful; try to provide them with the environment their ancestors had....

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Piglets Have Slippers!

26.10.2010 in post

Did you know that piglets are born with little slippers over their nails? Sometimes called slippers, or thimbles, piglets are born with pliable covers over their nails. These are meant to prevent injury to the sow while the piglets are in utero. After they...

On Medicated Feed

17.10.2010 in post

There is usually no need for preventative antibiotics such as in medicated feed. Don't treat your pigs if they aren't sick. ...

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Winter Hog Shelter

17.10.2010 in post

Yep, it's that time again. Time to get the old farm ready for the snow and ice. Part of that is to figure out where all of those hogs are going to spend the winter....

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It’s all about trust

08.10.2010 in post

I've recently made a point of proving that my hogs are docile and easy to be around when people come to the farm. I bring the visitor to the fence and then I walk into the hog herd and start scratching them, rubbing their...

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Why Does Inbreeding Matter?

23.08.2010 in post

As a group of rare pig breeders, we have reached a stage where we have a large enough population of Large Black pigs, dispersed across North America, to be more selective in our breeding programs....

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How to Notch Pig Ears

16.07.2010 in post

There are several ear notch numbering systems but we use the one that has always been used by the LBH’s. The notches all look the same (a V) but the position of the notches is what determines the number it represents....

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