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“LBHA” is a trademark of the Large Black Hog Association (LBHA). All pedigree information is owned by the LBHA. The LBHA’s logo is copyrighted in the United States. This website may contain other material that is copyrighted by the LBHA and other entities. All rights to the use and publication of this material is retained by the LBHA and other copyright owners. All material used by permission.

The LBHA’s name, logo, copyrighted material, pedigree information and photographs may not be used by outside parties without proper authorization and without adequate consideration or compensation. The LBHA Board of Directors retains exclusive rights to the use of the LBHA’s name, logo, copyrighted material and photographs; all others must obtain formal written permission for all uses of such material.

To obtain permission to use LBHA’s name, logo, copyrighted material and/or photographs, please contact the LBHA Secretary at