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List: All Only Pork Producers


Name: Jeff Lamote
Email: info@atriplejranch.com
Farm Name: A Triple J Ranch
City: Cullman
Phone: 256-962-2685
Website: http://www.atriplejranch.com

Bio: Weaning 2 litters of Prudence/Defender piglets July 30, 2016. Each litter has 1 boar and 1 gilt with 16 nice symmetrical teats, and several others with 14 and good symmetry. So far I feel there are 4 top picks from each litter that I would make available as registered stock.
Tamara Rashleigh

Name: Tamara Rashleigh
Email: grashleigh@earthlink.net
Farm Name: 6R Ranch
City: ashville
Phone: 2055947963


Name: Aaron Sundstrom
Email: aaron@98realty.com
Farm Name: Belena Farms
City: Elba
Phone: 850-685-3715


Name: Robert Brown & Adam Knowles
Email: pvalleyhead@aol.com
Farm Name: Happy Hams Farm
City: Valley Head
Phone: 256-996-3793


Name: Lynn Goff
Email: Grizzthedog@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Southern Pines Lil Hobby Farm
City: Leighton
Phone: 530-604-7365


Name: Adam Knowles & Robert Brown
Email: adamknowles235@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Happy Ham Farm
City: Valley Head
Phone: 256-630-7708


Name: Tim Moses
Email: Timothymoses28@gmail.com
Farm Name: Green acres
City: Albertville
Phone: 2566736971


Name: Corey Warren
Email: c.warren22@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Southern Black Heritage Farms
City: St Stephens
Phone: 251-589-0445

Bio: Welcome to Warren Heritage Farms. We have just recently became the proud owners of these sweet babies! We already have 2 litters for sale for feed outs! Prices start at $125 but will discount for multiple purchases. Both parents are registered and they are being pasture raised with no hormones! You can call/text to 251-589-0445. We will be happy to help you in any way!

Name: whanna
Email: wwhanna@cox.net
Farm Name: Hanna Family Ranch
City: Bentonville
Phone: 479-586-8010
Website: http://facebook.com/HannaRanch

Bio: Hanna Family Ranch began as an opportunity to raise high quality meat for our family and friends. It has since grown and we are now able to provide our pasture raised Heritage pork and lam to the food service industry as well. we are thankful for the new opportunities that continue to present themselves. Heritage pork is truly the other red meat. We specialize in the Large Black breed of Heritage Hogs. They are known for being docile, good mothers as well as good pasture grazers. this time of year at Hanna Family ranch our hogs dine on mulberries, wild plums, wild cherries and in the fall they stuff themselves with acorns. This provides a varied and balanced diet and an extremely high quality meat product. Our lamb adventure started by accident when we purchased hair sheep to assist with pasture and woods management. We added a ram to the mix and low and behold we were in the sheep business with 5 sets of twins! When chefs from local restaurants would visit the ranch to see how the pork is raised, they saw the lambs and were immediately interested in purchasing lamb. We was this as another opportunity for our ranch. Praise the Lord!

Name: Kevin Growns
Email: kevinmichael1985@hotmail.com
Farm Name: KMG Farms
City: Perryville
Website: http://www.kmgfarms.com


Name: Amanda Baker
Email: diamond@windstream.net
Farm Name: Triple Creek Farms
City: Mount Vernon
Phone: 5012300292


Name: Kent Smith
Email: rentsmithers@yahoo.com
Farm Name: KAS Farm
City: Canehill
Phone: 479-848-0960


Name: Mary Goodall
Email: Maryjb19@gmail.com
Farm Name: All's Well Farm
City: Mountain View
Phone: 870-615-2344


Name: Jenna Jerkins
Email: hottshot52@gmail.com
Farm Name: Jenna Jerkins
City: Canehill
Phone: 4028309388

Timothy & Adrienne Terrazas

Name: Timothy & Adrienne Terrazas
Email: shambacreekfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Shamba Creek Farm
City: Pea Ridge
Phone: 479-640-6393
Website: http://www.shambacreekfarm.com

Bio: Shamba Creek has been a dream for over a decade. Our family is dedicated to raising healthy protein for our family and our community. We chose the Large Blacks for their docile personality and quality meat. And we love that we can raise these animals on pasture as they were designed and created to live.

Name: Cheryl Barnard
Email: bheritagefarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Barnard Heritage Farm
City: Perryville
Phone: 501-391-2440


Name: Dhogger
Email: sildust@gmail.com
Farm Name: Dustin's Ranch
City: Redway
Phone: 707-502-4298

Alison Charter-Smith

Name: Alison Charter-Smith
Email: alisoncs@wildblue.net
Farm Name: Madrone Coast Farm
City: Sheep Ranch
Phone: 209-728-8757

Bio: We are small family farm raising quality heritage meat and breeding stock in Northern California. Located in the beautiful Gold country of the Western Sierra Foothills, our 200 acre farm is surrounded by Oak, Pine and Manzanitas. At present, we have a Cornish Noble Sam boar and Cornish Prudence sow line on our farm. We are a member of The Livestock Conservancy, and we are also registered breeders for Oberhasli Dairy goats and Olde English Babydoll Sheep.We raise our Large Black hogs on our surrounding pastures and Oak and Madrone forest, and supplement their diet with Certified organic grain (no soy or corn), organic vegetables, milk and whey from our dairy goats. We are in the process of becoming Certified Organic for our pork and Animal Welfare Approved, as we consider the welfare and health of our livestock, our highest priority.We only register litters with the LBHA and sell breeding stock which are conformationaly sound, have good dispositions, good parenting skills and are disease & worm resistance, and that meet all Large Black Standards of Excellence breed standards. All Large Black Hogs who do not meet all these criteria, are sold as non-registered feeder pigs. Please contact us for LBHA registered breeding stock availability # 209-728-8757 or alisoncs (at) wildblue (dot) net for more information.Follow us on Facebook

Name: wmassa
Email: wendy@massanaturalmeats.com
Farm Name: Massa Natural Meats
City: Glenn
Phone: 530-680-6848
Website: http://www.MassaNaturalMeats.com

Kelly Turney

Name: Kelly Turney
Email: kturney492@gmail.com
Farm Name: Monarch Valley Farm
City: Pilot Hill
Phone: 530-305-9827


Name: Tara Allgood
Email: Tomgorman8@aol.com
Farm Name: Allgood Ranch
City: Raymond
Phone: 4086126748


Name: Kelly Killingsworth
Email: Kellyleroy64@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Killingsworth
City: Loleta
Phone: 707-798-0412


Name: Simon Su
Email: sysvet@ms65.hinet.net
Farm Name: Porkaroma Pork LLC
City: Walnut
Phone: 865-258-1548

Brad and Jill Meents

Name: Brad and Jill Meents
Email: pigsontheprairie@gmail.com
Farm Name: Pigs on the Prairie
City: Peyton
Phone: 828-335-7899

Bio: We are located 15 miles east of Colorado Springs on 40 acres. Our large black hogs are strictly raised on open pasture, non-gmo beer mash, organic vegetables, organic fruit and organic feed. Hormone and antibiotic free. They are handled and loved on every day. Our 2 gilts are Matilda/Longfellow and our boar is Noble Sam/Prudence. Please email me if anyone is interested in a breeder. We also have pork available. Check out our Facebook page.....Pigs on the Prairie for pork pricing and breeding stock when available.

Name: Leroy Olbert
Email: olbertshogs@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Olbert's Hill Top Hog Farm
City: Bayfield
Phone: 970-553-0265

Melissa Guthrie

Name: Melissa Guthrie
Email: Melissarguthrie89@gmail.com
Farm Name: BusyBody Farm
City: Elizabeth
Phone: 720-285-9864

Bio: BusyBody Farm is dedicated to raising Heritage Livestock on Sunshine, Love, Pasture, and 100% Organic/Soy free Feed. Free of Commercial Wormers, antiobiotics and hormones. We focus on providing Holistic healthy Foods from our family to yours. We adore and admire the Large Black breed and are excited to share that enjoyment with others. Right now we are selling Breeding stock as well as feeder pigs and Organic Pork.

Name: Holly Tracy
Email: hollytracy11@me.com
Farm Name: PJs Farm
City: Longmont
Phone: (970) 481-0975

Bio: Steve, Holly and Payton Cure have a small ten acre horse farm in lovely Longmont Colorado. Both farm raised ourselves we love to raise our own happy healthy food. He have chickens and fresh eggs, fiber and milk goats and now LBH's. Of course the main residents here are AQHA Reining Horses. Breeding training and showing reining horses is my main business. Our family loves to spend time with our animals and raise happy healthy critters:)

Name: Melissa Holt Roy
Email: boulderserendipityfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Serendipity Farm
City: Boulder
Phone: 303-719-4484
Website: http://www.boulderserendipityfarm.com

Bio: At Serendipity Farm, we focus on growing lush green pastures for our LBH and poultry. We have 4 sows for our own breeding and raise about 40 feeders a year. Our lineage is Prudence/Majestic. We process on farm as well as at a USDA plant.

Name: Diane & Steve Hensley
Email: diane@sweetsteelranch.com
Farm Name: Sweet Steel Ranch
City: Larkspur
Phone: 303.351.3783


Name: Nicole Mullis
Email: Errettclayton@msn.com
Farm Name: Mullis Acres
City: Mack
Phone: 9704625271


Name: Dawn Vezie
Email: kvezie@gmail.com
Farm Name: Hogs-N-Dogs
City: Clifton
Phone: 9702612672


Email: clearwaterspringhighlands@msn.com
Phone: 3036594953
Website: http://www.cshnaturalbeef.com

Sol Mountain Farm

Name: Sol Mountain Farm
Email: Solmountainfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Sol Mountain Farm
City: South Fork
Phone: 3035138651
Website: http://www.solmountainfarm.com

Bio: Sol Mountain Farm is a small scale organic, permaculture farm nestled in the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado. We sell to restaurants, farmers markets and have CSA members. We have vegetables, bees, chickens and of course, our Large Black Heritage Hogs. We currently breed them onsite where we holistically graze them and feed them a probiotic, fermented feed containing whey from a goat dairy and spent grain from a brewery. Our pigs are very docile and friendly and they love their daily belly rubs! We sell weaners, breeding pairs, feeders, boars and meat in 1/4, 1/2, and full shares. These pigs are the happiest pigs you will ever eat!

Name: fitzandshari
Email: sharifitz@me.com
Farm Name: Creekside Farms
City: Hesperus
Phone: 9707594925

Bio: We are a small farm in southwest Colorado with the focus on raising high quality food for our neighbors and family. Our place is located on Cherry Creek in Hesperus Colorado. We raise and breed dairy goats, chickens, honeybees, large black pigs, and horses. We make value added products using our garden produce, honey and goats milk. We have raised pigs for 7 years since our youngest joined 4H and have settled in on the large black pigs as a year round addition to our place.

Name: FKSFarms
Email: germanmadeisforme@gmail.com
Farm Name: FKS Farms
City: Punta Gorda
Phone: 239-849-2196
Website: http://www.FKSFARMS.com

Bio: Our farm is located in South West Florida. We specialize in breeding Heritage Large Blacks Hogs. Our boar is Defender and our sows are Charlotte, and Warbler. We believe that to save these great animals they must be eaten. Our primary goal is to grow premium antibiotic and hormone free pasture raised pork.

Name: swape001
Email: edswap@centurylink.net
Farm Name: Greener Pastures Farm
City: St Cloud
Phone: 407-922-4239

Hans & April Arthur

Name: Hans & April Arthur
Email: lbhogspurebreed@gmail.com
Farm Name: H & A Fainting Farm
City: Starke
Phone: 904-769 - 8402

Bio: H&A Fainting Farm raises Registered LBH ...We just had 2 liters one of 9 and one of 7, they all survived because of my birth pen design. Any question on design please call, 904-769-8402. I can't take credit for it but can't remember where I read about it. In 8 weeks after birth we will release are sold hog let's as we call them, we still have hoglets for sale. Please call to see what is available. All LBH registered newborns are sold at 8 weeks and require deposit as soon as they are born. They go fast so please call ahead. This update 2/28/2016. Now are farm has teamed up with a premier Pet Shipper so we can get your hog to your front door if you want it, very excited about this new avenue of getting our great heritage bloodline LBhogs to you in even remote areas. Please know a head of time shipping through a shipper is costly but does take all the worries of how do you get a fantastic hog/hogs to your farm. We a breeders have to also realize LBH sows because of size limits make great farm pets too, so friendly and easy going, Boars just get too big to be farm pets. The farm also raises Registered Fainting Goats and miniature donkeys for sale. One can for faster replies email lbhogspurebreed@gmail.com and/or call 904-769-8402 Art one of the farm partners.
Jake and Elizabeth

Name: Jake and Elizabeth
Email: LBJ@lbjfarms.com
Farm Name: LBJ Farms
City: Indian River County
Phone: 772-766-4177

Bio: We are a small family farm in Indian River County, Florida. Our farm objective is produce the best heritage meat by matching our livestock breeds to our land. We currently have a Defender Boar and a Warbler Sow.
Jeff & Sharon Adams

Name: Jeff & Sharon Adams
Email: blessedacres301@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Blessed Acres Farm
City: Clarkesville
Phone: 706-968-1644

Bio: We have a small farm snuggled in the foothills of NE Ga. we are located about 30 miles north of Gainesville. We are still working on different lines and this litter is Prudence/Longfellow lines. We were blessed with 10 piglets on April 10, 2015. There are 6 gilts and 4 barrows. I do have 3 gilts that are breeder quality and the rest are feeders. They will be ready around Memorial Day. Reserve yours today.

Name: James Whitaker
Email: d_a_smith@earthlink.net
Farm Name: Dixon Properties
City: Suches
Phone: 478-929-2001
Website: http://southernstardowns


Name: Lisa Wofford
Email: lisamwofford@bellsouth.net
Farm Name: Complete Circle Farm LLC
City: Yatesville
Phone: 770-317-0482

Sara Knight

Name: Sara Knight
Email: Mossycreekpoultry@gmail.com
Farm Name: Mossy Creek
City: Clermont
Phone: 6789977836
Website: http://www.facebook.com/mossycreekpoultry

Bio: I have a small farm in NE GA, and have a Defender boar that I had planned on breeding to a Prudence gilt, but ultimately had to send the gilt to the processor because she would not produce. I do however expect LB/Berkshire piglets in the spring. I also plan on replacing the LB gilt in 2016. Thanks!

Name: Josh Wyatt
Email: jwyatt10578@gmail.com
Farm Name: Wyatt Farms
City: Woodbury
Phone: 7065947638

Danny Sims

Name: Danny Sims
Email: dannysims917@gmail.com
Farm Name: Sims Pond Farms
City: LaGrange
Phone: 706.885.2996

Bob Hayles

Name: Bob Hayles
Email: bob@juicymaters.com
Farm Name: Mountain Crest Farm
City: Jasper
Phone: 706-502-0858
Website: http://juicymaters.com

Bio: Mountain Crest Farm is a small family farm where Bob, Cindy, and Sarah try to live a self sufficient life. Part of that is raising our own meat, and we chose to raise Large Black Hogs as a part of that. Our first pig raised to slaugnter went to the abattoir mid-February 2016, and our choice of the LBH breed was vindicated with the first mouthful of pork. After the first bite the reaction from the very non-demonstrative Cindy was, "Wow! This doesn't taste like pork...It tastes like a really good steak!" We raise registered Large Blacks from our Daisy line sow Daisy, and our Super line boar Roscoe. We also raise Large Black/Berkshire hybrids from the same boar and our Berkshire gals Porkchop (originally destined for the abattoir, but we decided she was good enough to breed), Rose, and Violet. Mountain Crest Farm feeds 100% GMO-free feed.

Name: Scott Davis
Email: scott@davisplanet.com
Farm Name: CRD Farms
City: Jackson
Phone: 3344780345

Tayler Kitchens

Name: Tayler Kitchens
Email: lisaowens1021@gmail.com
Farm Name: Tayler kitchens
City: suches
Phone: 7064000589


Name: luckygeorgefarm
Email: angelajohnsonjd@gmail.com
Farm Name: Lucky George Farm
City: Derby
Phone: 515-779-4526
Website: http://www.luckygeorgefarm.com


Name: Mitchell Shultz
Email: mitchshultz@gmail.com
Farm Name: Windy Acres
City: Lime Springs
Phone: 5635662251


Name: Josh Hale
Email: elkhornranchsouth@gmail.com
Farm Name: Elkhorn Ranch South
City: Mackay
Phone: 208-390-2802

Sandra & Dennis Coper

Name: Sandra & Dennis Coper
Email: dcooper@harmaniac.com
Farm Name: EnRituals, LLC
City: Weiser
Phone: (208) 550-1599
Website: http://EnRituals.com

Bio: We are located 10 miles north of Weiser, Idaho and have one gilt born on 05/23/2014. We are interested in obtaining a young registered boar within reasonable driving distance. Our website is currently under development and should be up and running by February 15th, 2015. Our plan is to raise all-natural pasture pork, promote the breed through local sales to 4-H members, sell quality registered breeding stock to like-minded people, sell weaner and feeder pigs to local small acreage owners, and make fresh natural pasture pork to local consumers for slaughter.
George and Jeri Soulier

Name: George and Jeri Soulier
Email: jeri.soulier@gmail.com
Farm Name: Soulier Farm
City: Weiser
Phone: 208-642-0220

Bio: We are relatively new to the LBH, and are enjoying them greatly! We live on a ranch in SW Idaho, north of the town of Weiser. Our hogs are outdoors, on rotational pasture.
Erica Brunson

Name: Erica Brunson
Email: erica.burrup@gmail.com
Farm Name: Viking Farmworks LLC
City: Idaho Falls
Phone: 2083518517


Name: Chase Roberts
Email: Bigskybiz213@gmail.com
Farm Name: Highland Farms
City: CDA
Phone: 2088190895


Name: akeisling
Email: akeisling@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Brother Jon's Farm
City: Woodstock
Phone: 815-219-5741


Name: Terry
Email: twalk5@frontier.com
Farm Name: Walk Farm
City: Brownstown
Phone: 618-780-5981


Name: David & Mary Ann Burgett
Email: lukinites@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Burgett Farms
City: Sumner
Phone: 618-928-4666


Name: Frank & Amy Lasser
Email: amy_lasser@yahoo.com
Farm Name: S.B.G. Farm
City: Dwight
Phone: 815-271-016


Name: RileyDianaVaughnFarms
Email: huntervon69@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Riley & Diana Vaughn Farms
City: Norris City
Phone: 618-265-3842

John & Jennifer Beckman

Name: John & Jennifer Beckman
Email: beehillfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Bee Hill Farm
City: Lexington
Phone: 812-889-8138
Website: http://www.beehill.farm/


Name: heritagemeadowsfarm
Email: info@heritagemeadowsfarm.net
Farm Name: Heritage Meadows Farm
City: Clayton
Phone: 317-250-8710
Website: http://www.heritagemeadowsfarm.net

Bio: Matilda, Defender, Daisy, Longfellow, Charlotte

Name: jeffmona79
Email: mona@underthesunbakery.com
Farm Name:
City: Frankton


Name: Robert Crisp
Email: prairiepatchfarm@icloud.com
Farm Name: Prairie Patch Farm
City: Medaryville
Phone: 219-843-7835
Website: http://www.prairiepatchfarm.com


Name: Brad Owens
Email: owens47366@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Owens Farm
City: New Castle
Phone: 765-465-7517
Website: https://www.facebook.com/owensgoatfarm/?ref=hl

Andy VanNess

Name: Andy VanNess
Email: amv6382@gmail.com
Farm Name: WillowBrook Farm
City: LaFontaine
Phone: 765-667-0901

Bio: Noble Sam, Charlotte & Warbler

Name: Kenny Griswold
Email: ashken0613@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Griswold Farm
City: Plymouth
Phone: 317-760-1786


Name: Alan McKamey
Email: alanmckamey@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Mr.
City: Clayton
Phone: 3175392489


Name: Connie Wallace
Email: wallacevevay@gmail.com
Farm Name: Wallace Enterprises, Inc
City: Vevay
Phone: 859-240-5205


Name: James Blair
Email: jwesblair@gmail.com
Farm Name: The Naked Hog
City: Lafayette
Phone: 765-267-3112

Richard Mullinax

Name: Richard Mullinax
Email: richardwmullinax@gmail.com
Farm Name: Mullinax Family Farm Stead
City: Columbia City
Phone: 406-460-0907
Website: http://@Mullinaxfamilyfarm

Bio: Dad and four kids on a small family farm. We love our hogs and take care to pass on good genetics because we care about quality.

Name: Joy Barron
Email: jbarrondvm@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Barron Farm
City: Madison
Phone: 8125992123


Name: Joy Barron
Email: jbarrondvm@yahoo.om
Farm Name: Barron Farm
City: Madison
Phone: 812-599-2123


Name: Dessica Albertson
Email: dalbertson328@gmail.com
Farm Name: Sticks&Stones Farmstead
City: Paoli
Phone: 8126537546
Website: http://sticksandstonesfarmstead.com/


Name: Dessica Albertson
Email: dalberston328@gmail.com
Farm Name: Sticks & Stones Farmstead
City: Paoli
Phone: 812-653-7546


Name: Michael Mocnik
Email: mike.mocnik@att.net
Farm Name: Stormy Acres
City: Overbrook
Phone: 785-453-2382


Name: Billy / Trina Martin / Farmer
Email: trina.billy12@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Swine Acres
City: Parsons
Phone: 620-778-0962


Name: Aaron Gilbert
Email: flyingmonkeysfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Flying Monkeys Farm
City: Towanda
Phone: 620-752-3409


Name: Jennifer Rolland
Email: rollandjennifer@gmail.com
Farm Name: Rolland Farm
City: Baldwin City
Phone: 785-214-8779

Bio: We live on a small farm with goats, chickens, horses and just brought home our first LBH!

Name: Kathryn Broyles
Email: nickadi@msn.com
Farm Name: Broyles Family Farm
City: Baldwin City
Phone: 806-319-0922

Bio: We have a hobby farm outside of Baldwin City. We love our goats, chickens, cows and of course the hogs. Our boar Tank loves belly rubs and rolls over for them. We are happy to provide breeders or feeders in the near future.

Name: Janet Blagg
Email: blaggster@gmail.com
Farm Name: Blaggstead
City: Udall
Phone: 6207823042


Name: Janet Blagg
Email: blaggster@gmail.om
Farm Name: Blaggstead
City: Udall
Phone: 620-782-3042


Name: gamcpherson
Email: geoff@goodliferanch.com
Farm Name: Good Life Ranch
City: Liberty
Phone: 606-787-4217
Website: http://www.goodliferanch.com


Name: Jacqueline, Jackie Risner
Email: jacqueline.risner88@gmail.com
Farm Name: Risner Farm
City: Middlesboro
Phone: 6064997894

steve smith

Name: steve smith
Email: stevesmith1426@gmail.com
Farm Name: ewingsford farm
City: bedford
Phone: 502 255 7519

Bio: Our farm is in north central KY on the Little KY River. It belonged to my grandparents, I bought it in 86 and switched to organic farming in 1990. We ran a CSA here for 15 years, raising vegetables, beef and chickens. New to pasture pork but it seems like a good fit for our farm. Hope to hear from like minded farmers. Steve and Mary

Name: Lisa Napier-Veney
Email: lisanapierveney@msn.com
Farm Name: Napier-Hill Farm
City: Campbellsville
Phone: 270-465-9430


Name: Billy Davenport
Email: davenportfarm55@gmail.com
Farm Name: Davenport Farms
City: Munfordville
Phone: 270-932-1501


Name: Jimmy Dennis
Email: dennisfa@scrtc.com
Farm Name: Mud Branch Ranch
City: Munfordville
Phone: 2705315311


Name: Sidney Ratliff
Email: psratliff@live.com
Farm Name: Mozybeau Farms, Inc.
City: Danville
Phone: 859-229-4202


Name: Casey Meek
Email: Caseymeek1@gmail.com
Farm Name: Finney Farm
City: Glasgow
Phone: 270-590-8411


Name: Marcy Rein
Email: marcyrein907@gmail.com
Farm Name: Three Little Birds Family Farm
City: Williamsburg
Phone: 9077179338

Earl Richard

Name: Earl Richard
Email: bigdaddy_2098@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Paradise Farms
City: Wildlife Sancutary
Phone: 985-247-2717


Name: Harmon Belgard
Email: harmonbelgard@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Better Way
City: Deville
Phone: 318-466-3531


Name: Harmon Belgard
Email: harmonrbelgard@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Better Way
City: Deville
Phone: 318-466-3531

Don Hunt

Name: Don Hunt
Email: djh14@verizon.net
Farm Name: North Wind Farm
City: Winchendon
Phone: 978-595-4970


Name: Kevin Barbeau
Email: KB@CloonybreenFarm.com
Farm Name: Cloonybreen Farm
City: Wilbraham
Phone: 413 313-4138

Reuben Nesom

Name: Reuben Nesom
Email: dawn.nesom@dimaic.com
Farm Name: Townsend Farm
City: Woodridge
Phone: 204-429-3181
Website: http://www.townsendfarm.ca


Name: carrfarm
Email: donna@carr.mx
Farm Name: Carr Farm
City: Forest Hill
Phone: 410-838-0456


Name: Jeff Brawn
Email: jeffbrawn11@outlook.com
Farm Name: Jeff's Almost Organic
City: Reisterstown
Phone: 4105267390

Sam Knight

Name: Sam Knight
Email: samwk1@gmail.com
Farm Name: Mad Knight Heritage Farms LLC
City: North Yarmouth
Phone: 207-210-4880
Website: http://www.facebook.com/madknightheritagefarms

Bio: My wife Brigitte and I started raising Large Black Hogs in 2011. We have three Sow lines Prudence, Matilda and Warbler. Our boar lines are Majestic and Iowa Alrose. We raise all of our hogs outdoors in their natural environments. We sell registered breeding stock of all ages. Please feel free to contact us for any Large Black Hog Questions.
Jennifer Weiner-Smith

Name: Jennifer Weiner-Smith
Email: farmgirljenn@gmail.com
Farm Name: Burdock Farm
City: Greene
Phone: 207 240 3907

Bio: My pigs are pasture raised, registered large blacks. I also have one unregistered sow. I sell piglets at 6-8 weeks twice a year. Please contact me for more information.
Thomas Barry

Name: Thomas Barry
Email: doublehpigranch@gmail.com
Farm Name: Double H Pig Ranch
City: Brunswick
Phone: 603-236-9521

Bio: Double H Pig Ranch, located in Brunswick, Maine, is a pasture based farrowing operation, specializing in the sale of MOFGA certified organic feeder pigs, and registered Large Black breeding stock. We currently have 4 sows (2 warblers, prudence, and matilda) and a longfellow boar.

Name: Billie Linnell
Email: billie2256@gmail.com
Farm Name: Life is Goat Farm
City: Sabattus
Phone: 207-333-0020

Greener Days Farm

Name: Greener Days Farm
Email: craig@greenerdaysfarm.com
Farm Name: Greener Days Farm
City: Waldoboro
Phone: 207-406-0392
Website: http://www.greenerdaysfarm.com

Bio: Greener Days Farm is a small, sustainable off-grid farm focused on raising healthy happy pigs, goats, sheep and chickens. All of our animals are raised on pasture, woodlots and crop fields. We practice rotational grazing for the health of our animals and our soil. We rotate our animals as dictated by weather and forage. We live our tag line every day: if the grass is greener... move the fence. In addition to providing superior meat products we are striving to protect an amazing heritage pig by providing registered "Large Black" breeding stock.

Name: Amos Maillett
Email: Amosmaillett@gmail.com
Farm Name: Silverfox farm
City: Fryeburg
Phone: 207-512-2810


Name: Kris Pinkham
Email: krispinkham@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Serenity acres
City: Wiscasset

Bio: New small farm near the mid coast area have 1 Longfellow boar and a Matilda sow

Name: Cindy and Will Green
Email: greenanchorfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Green Anchor Farm
City: Houlton
Phone: 207-231-1912


Name: Donald Hutchinson
Email: donahutch@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Hutchsteader Farm
City: Mexico
Phone: 2074472350

Bio: Established in 2015, Hutchsteader Farm specializes in raising happy Large Black Hogs in the woods.

Name: Aubree Heller
Email: acheller4@gmail.com
Farm Name: Buck's Branch
City: Waldoboro
Phone: 2078321575


Name: Dennis Scott Taylor
Email: walnutridgefarm4@gmail.com
Farm Name: Walnut Ridge Farm
City: Wilton
Phone: 207-592-4152

Pamela Doyle

Name: Pamela Doyle
Email: landsapeladi@maine.rr.ccom
Farm Name: Hidden Knoll Farm
City: Mechanic Falls
Phone: 207-831-0150

Andrew & Danielle Friend

Name: Andrew & Danielle Friend
Email: cideracresfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Cider Acres Family Farm
City: Woolwich
Phone: 1-207-389-4470

Bio: My wife and I raise registered breed stock and large black feeder hogs. Our original stock is from Mad Knight Heritage Farms and includes Iowa Alrose, Prudence, and Matilda lines. Please contact with any questions!

Name: Brad and Lisa Conroy
Email: cowgirllisa86@gmail.com
Farm Name: Dragon Fly Acres
City: Leroy
Phone: 5176524347

Bio: Raising quality heritage hogs in northern michigan and enjoying every aspect of it

Name: Dennis & Sharm Haimbaugh
Email: fshcservices@gmail.com
Farm Name: GoDSown
City: Galien
Phone: 269-635-4121 or 269-635-4118

Bio: Tucked away in the southern corner of Michigan's sunset coast, GoDSown Farm offers petted and pampered pastured pigs. Currently available are feeders and breeding stock from bloodlines of Iowa Alrose/ Prudence ("adolescent" pigs plus NEW arrivals ready for you soon!), and Noble Sam/Matilda (ready and almost ready to eat!). All of our pigs are pig - fence trained, back-scratched, and belly-rubbed. We may be able to assist with delivery to your location. Contact Sharm by phone or text at 269-635-4118.

Name: Robert Horton
Email: bobhorton@live.com
Farm Name: Horton Farms
City: Blanchard
Phone: 989-561-2386


Name: Rich & Ronda Hale
Email: kkayhale@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Lazy H Heritage Farm
City: Sanford
Phone: 989-687-2994


Name: Leonard Sprague
Email: spraguewhitetails@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Oak Raven Farm
City: Fremont
Phone: 231-924-4174

Bio: We have brought a NEW Boer line to the US. Donaghreagh Malcolm 61 With a little luck we will have piglets on the ground this winter!

Name: wilcoxheritagefarm
Email: wilcox2001@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Wilcox Heritage Farm
City: Ovid
Phone: (989) 834-2387
Website: http://wilcoxheritagefarm.blogspot.com

Bio: We started raising Large Blacks in 2013, when we purchased our first sows, both from the Prudence line. We've now expanded to a few more sows and a boar from the Super line - we love our Large Blacks! Our farm obtained organic certification for our field crops in 2014, and are working on transitioning additonal acreage to organic. In addition to our Large Blacks, we raise a variety of field crops as well as chickens, turkeys, We grind our own feed from non-GMO corn and pasture all of our animals as well.

Name: Dora Moritz
Email: besalet1967@gmail.com
Farm Name: D&R Farms
Phone: 231-519-0921


Name: Tera Shankel
Email: shankeltera@gmail.com
Farm Name: Stubborn Rebel Farm
City: Vestaburg
Phone: 989-513-7790


Name: Chtistopher laning
Email: michaelfuller@tds.net
Farm Name: F and L pig farm
City: Rapid River
Phone: 906-446-3870


Name: Ben Whitley
Email: Banjo408@live.com
Farm Name: Banjo's
City: Charlevoix
Phone: 2316750185


Name: April & Rick Petersen
Email: mamapatvortex@gmail.com
Farm Name: Petersen
City: Newaygo
Phone: 616-451-9515


Name: Michelle & Wesley Turley
Email: turley329@gmail.com
Farm Name: Turley Farm
City: Six lakes
Phone: 616-799-3784


Name: Corey Standen
Email: cstanden0811@gmail.com
Farm Name: Standen Acres
City: Alpena
Phone: 9896570811


Name: Hope Bender
Email: aleausauband@gmail.com
Farm Name: MAHO Farm
City: Nashville
Phone: 2694208286

Dean Deacey

Name: Dean Deacey
Email: deaceyd@gmail.com
Farm Name: Deacey's Heritage Hog Farm
City: Hersey
Phone: 2316802518


Name: Keith Hoskins
Email: I_garden@yahoo.com
Farm Name: The Udder Farm
City: Fife Lake
Phone: 2318780214
Website: http://www.theudderfarm.com


Name: Keith Hoskins
Email: Igarden@yahoo.com
Farm Name: The Udder Farm
City: Fife Lake
Phone: 232-878-0214


Name: hegna34
Email: heritage.farms@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Heritage Farms
City: Laporte
Phone: 218-224-3450


Name: bruce swanson
Email: country4good@msn.com
Farm Name: peaceful pastures farm
City: cambridge
Phone: 320 279 1550


Name: David & Virginia Seward
Email: cajunbear@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Seward
City: Hibbing
Phone: 218-263-8409


Name: Joseph Kuchinka
Email: joe@myamazingspace.us
Farm Name: Grafted Branch Farm
City: North Branch
Phone: 612-369-5900


Name: Travis & Lisa Cason
Email: lisacason13@gmail.com
Farm Name: Cason Modern Farm
City: Belton
Phone: 785-979-8005


Name: John & Patti Giem
Email: pateasmith@me.com
Farm Name: Gemstone Farm
City: Grovespring
Phone: 417-531-5716
Website: http://gemstonefarmmo.com

Bio: We are located in southwest Mo. near springfield. We have breeding stock and feeder pigs available.

Name: Dennis & Sheri Croy
Email: dcroy13@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Croy Farms
City: Gallatin
Phone: 660-663-2463


Name: Amy Dickson
Email: dicksons7@netzero.com
Farm Name: Stony Ridge Farm
City: Salem
Phone: 573-729-1060

Kenneth Bohon

Name: Kenneth Bohon
Email: ken.bohon@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Ken Bohon
City: Falcon
Phone: 573-337-9855


Name: Mark and Bo Stahl
Email: restinginthepromise@gmail.com
Farm Name: Papa's Promise
Phone: 9282875121


Name: Hogfeathers
Email: chadkinson@aol.com
Farm Name: Natures Quest
City: Perkinston

Cranky Carls Farm MT

Name: Cranky Carls Farm MT
Email: crankycarls@gmail.com
Farm Name: Cranky Carls Farm
City: Eureka
Phone: 406-359-1447
Website: http://www.crankycarlsfarm.com

Bio: Hello, Cranky Carls Farm is a small farm working to promote sustainable meats and produce. We raise poultry, pigs, produce and Heritage hogs, with an occasional cross bred litter.  We believe that not only is it possible to raise all natural foods, but an ultimate necessity for American food consumption. We have spent many hours reading and researching the unbelievable inhumane way large production farms raise meat.  Cranky Carls Farm believes that running our pigs on natural pasture and allowing them to be PIGS....is not only good for the pigs, but you the consumer.  Happy Pigs make great tasting natural pork.We also grow and are world famous for our Montana grown natural garlic.  After having take a few years off from the garlic due to a family illness, we are happy to report our newest crop is in the ground.  We anticipate a mid June/ early July harvest. Our garlic goes fast  so put in your requests asap at our website:http://www.crankycarlsgourmetgarlic.comorhttp://www.crankycarlsfarm.comWe breed all year around, and usually have wieners available.   Breeding pairs or butcher pigs are available year round, depending on our farrowing production.  We are very excited to be promoting the Montana Heritage Hog website, and urge anyone interested in helping these wonderfull breeds survive to get in touch with us, what ever your needs.We look forward to working with you and serving the public.Our Motto:  Naturally Raising Good O'l American Food for you and your familyThank youCarl and Gretchen KidwellCALL US ANY TIME:  406-359-1447 WE ARE ALSO PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE ADDITION OF GLOUCSTER OLD SPOTS, PUREBRED, to Montana.

Name: Christina Kutzman
Email: slidemountainranch@outlook.com
Farm Name: Slide Mountain Ranch
City: Thompson Falls
Phone: 4068278730


Name: Gregory & Michelle Dilsaver
Email: michelle@holycrossfarm.com
Farm Name: Holy Cross Farm
City: Proctor
Phone: 7176951136
Website: http://www.holycrossfarm.com

North Carolina
Aaron Turbett

Name: Aaron Turbett
Email: coastguardat@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Turbett Family Farm
City: Elizabeth City
Phone: 703-987-8385


Name: josnker
Email: pchorseshoeing@aol.com
Farm Name: Paint Creek Farm
City: Wingate
Phone: 704-624-6518


Name: Twinoaksfarm2012
Email: twinoaksfarm2012@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Twin Oaks Heritage Farm
City: Dunn
Phone: 910-892-7675
Website: http://www.graysonspremiumpork.com

Bio: We are the only producer of Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, pasture raised and Animal Welfare Approved Pork. We raise the Large Blacks for processing and maintain the purity of the breed by registering all breeding stock and their litters with LBHA.

Name: Charlene Couch
Email: charlene.couch@gmail.com
Farm Name: Heyday Farm
City: Graham
Phone: 919-264-1924


Name: Rickey Lawson
Email: rickeyleighlawson80@gmail.com
Farm Name: Lawson's Homestead
City: Siler city
Phone: 9192140543

Michelle Pierce

Name: Michelle Pierce
Email: pierceheritagefarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Pierce Heritage Farm
Phone: 9195645150

Bio: We bought our small farm in the rolling hills of Moore County, NC with plans to start a chicken, hog and veggie CSA. Love our two gilts and just waiting on a boar to get the hog CSA going within the next couple of years.
Teddy Wright

Name: Teddy Wright
Email: TWHogs@aol.com
Farm Name: TWFarms
City: Wake Forest
Phone: 919-702-3900


Name: Alvin Lytle
Email: covecreeknurseryfarm@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Cove Creek Nursery Farm
City: Old Fort
Phone: 828-442-3720


Name: Stephen and Dawn Robertson
Email: dawn@eastforkfarm.net
Farm Name: East Fork Farm
City: Marshall
Phone: 8282069075
Website: http://www.eastforkfarm.net


Email: jdaustin62@gmail.com
Farm Name: Rock n A Farms
Phone: 336-215-6632

Bio: My wife Della and I have been raising hogs with our two sons for about 4 years now along with our black angus cattle. The time we spend watching the pigs play with the calves is worth all the work. We started with 2 Yorkshire barrows and 1 Yorkshire gilt. We breed the Yorkshire to a large black boar and also bought a LB gilt at that time and since then the Yorkshire (Lulu) has had three litters of piglets all crossed the LB and just this week Feb 2017 Media our LB sow has had piglets from our LB Boar, Boss hog. So after about a year of planning we are ready to start selling breeding stock. Thanks to Josh Yandle at Painted Creek farms for getting us started.

Name: Andrew Daywalt
Email: yarddawg308@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Shady knoll farms
City: mocksville
Phone: 3369407397


Name: Annette Ensley
Email: double00farm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Double 00 Farm Inc.
City: Robbinsville
Phone: 828-479-3685

Bio: We are a small farm in the mountains of Western North Carolina. We operate an equine rescue as our primary business and raise LBH pigs to help sustain our rescue efforts. Currently we have an Iowa Alrose boar, and Prudence sows.
Jeffrey Eubank

Name: Jeffrey Eubank
Email: jeffrey.eubank@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Eubank
City: Trinity
Phone: (336) 479-8467

Bio: I have a registered Big Black Hog that I can use to breed sows if anyone looking for one. I am looking for a registered female piglet to start raising my own.

Name: Annette Ensley
Email: doubleoofarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Double OO Farm Inc
City: Robbinsville
Phone: 828-479-3685

Jeff Phillips

Name: Jeff Phillips
Email: ncpinerowfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Pine Row Farm
City: Robbinsonville
Phone: 828-735-9180
Website: http://www.ncpinerowfarm.com

Bio: This family farm has been around for generations. Last year, May 2017 we added Large Black's to our operation. Daisy had her first litter of piglets July 31, 2018. We are very excited to be a part of Large Black family, working hard to keep the breed alive and well.

Name: Elvin Eaton
Email: fairportfarms@gmail.com
Farm Name: Fairport Farms
City: Kittrell
Phone: 9196721904


Name: Roberta and Debra Coleman
Email: Girlsinthegarden@aol.com
Farm Name: Girls in the Garden
City: Rougemont
Phone: 336-364-0477
Website: http://www.thegirlsinthegarden.com

North Dakota

Name: Dale (Kenneth) Crowe
Email: crowedale@rocketmail.com
Farm Name: Dale Crowe
City: Gladstone
Phone: 701-483-3660


Name: Nathaniel Pierce
Email: mpierce@ndsupernet.com
Farm Name: North Cedar Creek Farm
City: Scranton
Phone: 701-275-8291


Name: Jason Schack
Email: schackpharms@gmail.com
Farm Name: Schack Pharms
City: Benkelman
Phone: 2072800696


Name: Rose Fuhrman
Email: rvrpaints@gmail.com
Farm Name: Fuhrman Ranch
City: Crawford
Phone: 308-665-5143

New Hampshire

Name: Cynthia Gay
Email: Cynde1838@gmail.com
Farm Name: Harmony Mountain Eco-Farm
City: Lancaster
Phone: 860-707-9515
Website: https://www.harmonymountaineco-farm.com/

New Jersey

Name: Profeta_Farms
Email: johnp@profetafarms.com
Farm Name: Profeta Farms, LLC
City: Neshanic Station
Phone: 908.237.1301
Website: http://www.profetafarms.com

Bio: At Profeta Farms, we are proud to offer meat and vegetables produced using the purest organic standards. Certified organic for livestock and produce, our mission is to offer you the best tasting, tender, and delicious pork, chicken, beef & produce, while safeguarding the sustainability of our land. Our focus on the health of our soil, animals, plants, and end-users results in the finest and best-tasting products you can find.
New Mexico

Name: Kara Karr
Email: karkblo@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Karr's Farm
City: Folsom
Phone: 575-707-1554

New York

Name: Joseph Delaney
Email: delaneycms@gmail.com
Farm Name: Juglan Hogs
City: Union Springs
Phone: 315 889-5207
Website: http://juglanhogs.com


Name: Linda Van Buskirk
Email: lpv1@cornell.edu
Farm Name: Majestic Farms
City: Aurora
Phone: 315-237-7115


Name: CrossIslandFarms
Email: davidbelding@crossislandfarms.com
Farm Name: Cross Island Farms
City: Wellesley Island
Phone: 315-440-7035
Website: http://www.crossislandfarms.com


Name: Ruth (Jenny) Blaney
Email: ThePigPlace@none.none
Farm Name: The Pig Place
City: Fort Edward
Phone: 518-747-3494


Name: Linda and Ken Post
Email: linda.vanbuskirk@gmail.com
Farm Name: Post's Heritage Pork
City: Aurora
Phone: 3152377115


Name: Linda (and Ken) Van Buskirk (and Post)
Email: postlargeblack@gmail.com
Farm Name: Post Heritage
City: Aurora
Phone: 3152377115

Bio: Ken Post raised hogs on the family farm for years before switching to beef, working in industry, retiring to a Peace Corps position, and coming back to the farm. His sister Linda teaches full time at Cornell. Their uncle was a major Duroc breeder in the early twentieth century. The hogs are raised in a natural setting with lots of pasture and farm-raised corn and barley and hay.

Name: Nora Craft
Email: norazark@aol.com
Farm Name: Norazark
City: Walworth
Phone: 315.589.5004

Phillip Race

Name: Phillip Race
Email: pcircler@gmail.com
Farm Name: Valley View Devons
City: Nunda
Phone: 585-402-9471
Website: http://valleyviewdevons.com

Bio: We are a pasture based farm using regenerative grazing practices. We raise grassfed Red Devon cattle and Large Black Hogs.

Name: Rosemary Throssell
Email: rosiethross@gmail.com
Farm Name: Kaskazini
City: east meredith
Phone: 6077468874


Name: Brittney Bennett
Email: Bennett@none.none
Farm Name: Bennett
City: Horseheads

Brittney Bennett

Name: Brittney Bennett
Email: brittbenn94@aol.com
Farm Name: Brittney Bennett
City: Horseheads
Phone: 6077426813


Name: Jessica Pykosz
Email: jesspykosz@gmail.com
Farm Name: Beaver Lake Farm LLC
City: Livingston Manor
Phone: 5082804185
Website: http://www.beaverlakefarmny.com


Name: Bullskin Valley Farms
Email: watermatt1@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Bullskin Valley Farms
City: Felicity
Phone: 513-876-4325

Bio: I will be having a litter first part of March 2013  here in southern Ohio. call 513-543-2547or e-mail watermatt1@hotmail.com 

Name: Darren Felicia Krock
Email: krock@trianglekranch.com
Farm Name: Triangle K Ranch
City: Kenton
Phone: 567-674-2542
Website: http://www.trianglekranch.com


Name: Justin & Jenn Piper
Email: tbsrus@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Highland Croft
City: Ashtabula
Phone: 440-344-7920/440-344-7921


Name: Ramona Brady
Email: ramona.brady69@yahoo.com
Farm Name: The Ole Yellow Barn Farm
City: New Carlisle
Phone: 937-604-0757


Name: Josh and Tim Welch
Email: tandjwelch@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Welch's Green Acres
City: Baltimore
Phone: 740-400-7015

Jean Bush

Name: Jean Bush
Email: jean@bushvalleyfarm.com
Farm Name: Bush Valley Farm
City: Adamsville
Phone: 740-796-2912
Website: http://www.bushvalleyfarm.com

Bio: Your Source for Pasture Raised Food. Home of hoppin' lambs and dancing pigs. We are working to discover and preserve the best flavors, soil, seeds, and breeds so we can present the best to our customers. Share our discoveries and partake of the bounty. We can deliver direct to your freezer. We also sell at the Zanesville Farmers market on Saturday mornings during the summer. We farrow twice a year around April and October. If you would like breeder pigs, please reserve ahead of time. Member of Ohio Proud and Farmer Veteran Association.

Name: Courtney Johnson
Email: courtney.meredith@gmail.com
Farm Name: Havenwood Farm
City: Dorset
Phone: 4402615112
Website: http://www.havenwoodohio.com


Name: Terry Schlueter
Email: terence.schlueter@gmail.com
Farm Name: Mt. Moriah Heritage Farm
City: Batavia
Phone: 513-505-9317


Name: Terry & Melissa Schlueter
Email: mcyn09@gmail.com
Farm Name: Mount Moriah Heritage Farm
City: Batavia
Phone: 513-607-6150


Name: Mika Hall
Email: miika.rae2509@gmail.com
Farm Name: Hall's hobby farm
City: Montville
Phone: 4404786241


Name: Jill Clawson
Email: clawsonranch@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Clawson Ranch
City: Bennington
Phone: 8303913437

Phillip & Dena Parham

Name: Phillip & Dena Parham
Email: info@parhampharm.com
Farm Name: Parham Pharm
City: Swink
Phone: 580-579-8680
Website: http://www.parhampharm.com

Bio: Retired US Army in 2005 and bought a small farm in Arizona. Began raising our own poultry, pork, and beef so we would know how it was raised. Move to SE Oklahoma where pasture grows naturally. We raise Large Black hogs, registered Dexter cattle, assorted goats, chickens, Muscovy ducks, and geese. We raise our animals as nature intended, plenty of pasture, organic feed sources, no GMOs, hormones or steroids. We would like to hear from others concerning their proven marketing techniques. Phillip spent 3 1/2 years working in the middle east to finance the move to Oklahoma and Dena worked the farm during his absence.
Chris Kyger

Name: Chris Kyger
Email: ckyger@sbcglobal.net
Farm Name: C & C
City: Drumright
Phone: 918-808-6322
Website: http://www.carsandcows.com

Bio: We believe that pasture is best for all our animals, our Large Blacks, Chickens, Turkeys, Dairy Cows and Beef Cows all live off the land with very like help from us.
Lloyd Payne

Name: Lloyd Payne
Email: piggin.farms@gmail.com
Farm Name: Piggin Farms
City: Newcastle
Phone: (405) 300-4011

Bio: We have a growing herd of Large Blacks. We have a Longfellow x Prudence and a Super x Prudence boar. We have Noble Sam x Matilda and Longfellow x Matilda sows. We offer piglets, breeding boars and gilts, and butcher hogs in the Large Blacks. Feel free to call or text if you are looking for Large Black breeding quality pigs or butcher pigs. We usually have something available year round and willing to make trades. Delivery available for a fee within 300 miles.

Name: Jack Madding
Email: jack.madding@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Hope Springs Farm
City: Bristow
Phone: 940-636-9093


Name: Leon McBride
Email: leon.mcbride1@gmail.com
Farm Name: McBride
City: Duncan
Phone: 5304752597


Name: Jill Harouff
Email: ChickenL1980@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Harouff Farms
City: Tonkawa
Phone: 5807477668

Wade & Marguerite Inman

Name: Wade & Marguerite Inman
Email: cwadei7351@aol.com
Farm Name: Inman Second Chance Ranch (ISCR)
City: Guthrie
Phone: 405-590-0011


Name: Darla Higgins
Email: den1dar@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Dendar Kiko, Large Black Hogs, Mini Herd
City: Wynnewood
Phone: 405-207-6963


Name: Brian Lane
Email: brian@halfpoundfarm.com
Farm Name: Half Pound Farm
City: Tonkawa
Phone: (512) 466-5648

Bio: Located in Northern Oklahoma.
Barry Hollis

Name: Barry Hollis
Email: bfhollis@mailbox.org
Farm Name: Pickle Meadows Farm
City: Kellyville
Phone: 918-805-4872
Website: http://www.picklemeadows.com

Bio: Kellyville, OK

Name: ted dunham
Email: ted.anny_dclan@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Anny's Acres
City: Jones
Phone: 4057779744


Name: Dan Harouff
Email: boonedogdaddy@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Harouff Farms
City: Tonkawa
Phone: 5807477668


Name: Steven Short
Email: soshogfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: SOS FARMS
City: Oklahoma City
Phone: 405-417-9564


Name: Siemerson
Email: Siemerson@att.net
Farm Name: EH Farms
City: Lexington
Phone: 405-301-0540


Name: Nathan Baker
Email: nathan_baker@rocketmail.com
Farm Name: Porter Pig Palace
City: Porter
Phone: (918)852-7073


Email: swponnequin@gmail.com
Farm Name: S&M FARMS
Phone: 918-470-7278


Name: Charlotte Ballard
Email: charlotte@ourballardfarm.com
Farm Name: Our Ballard Farm
City: Asher
Phone: 405-395-8838


Name: Steve Cashon
Email: scashon@wildblue.net
Farm Name: Oklahoma Sustainable Pork Co
City: Mounds
Phone: 918.633.8168


Name: Kevin Pritchett
Email: prikev1983@gmail.com
Farm Name: Hidden Heights
City: Salina
Phone: 9183732325

Connor Morrison

Name: Connor Morrison
Email: jlmorrison@pldi.net
Farm Name: CRyan Enterprises LLC
City: Newcastle
Phone: 405-387-4867
Website: http://morrisonteaghlach.com/cryan.html

Bio: I am 12 years old and raise large black hogs for a 4H project.

Name: Chris Beard & Bryan Workman
Email: cbeard@mtcts.com
Farm Name: Hoggin Creek Farms
City: Blanchard
Phone: 405-301-5955


Name: Doug Clagg
Email: salinaclagg@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Clagg Family Farm
City: Chandler
Phone: (405)343-3559


Name: Leon McBride
Email: leaon.mcbride1@gmail.com
Farm Name: McBride
City: Duncan
Phone: 530-475-2597


Name: Carl Foley
Email: foleyshouse1@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Farm In The House
City: Henryetta
Phone: 575-714-3419


Name: Kimberly and Dustin Nadeau
Email: kim74chambers@gmail.com
Farm Name: Hidden Bar N
City: Earlsboro
Phone: 580272-4476


Name: Lynda J. Claypool
Email: lynjcp@hotmail.com
Farm Name: The Yamhill Swinery
City: Yamhill
Phone: 503-810-3466

Bio: December 2015: The Yamhill Swinery is finishing our 4th year of breeding pigs. We have several Tamworths and a lovely LBH pair named Rosa and Wally. They have produced three litters. The future holds purebreds of both breeds, as well as crossbreds, for breeding and feeding.

Name: Growing Seeds Farm
Email: jessica@growingseedsfarm.com
Farm Name: Growing Seeds Farm
City: Corbett
Phone: 971-285-5071


Name: Hilary Craig
Email: info@piggybackranch.com
Farm Name: Piggyback Ranch
City: Bend
Phone: 541-771-4823
Website: http://www.piggybackranch.com

Mark and MaLea Easterly

Name: Mark and MaLea Easterly
Email: mneasterly@gmail.com
Farm Name: Mount Hope Heritage Farm
City: Lebanon
Phone: 541 619-5307
Website: http://www.oregonheritagehogs.com

Bio: Mount Hope Heritage Farm was started as a small "homestead" farm, with the vision of raising Heritage breeds that our forefathers raised. Yes, they grow slower than the "factory farm" animals, but we are rewarded with the best tasting meat. Our animals roam the pastures, foraging for food, in a natural environment. It is our belief to give each and every one of our animals the best possible life. Our sows and boars are part of the family and each one has a distinct personality. We believe natural is better, the way GOD intended.

Name: Austin Matthias
Email: austinbmatthias@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Matthias Family Farm
City: Sherwood
Phone: 503-997-9721


Name: Shane & Natalie Anderson
Email: build4you2@hotmail.com
Farm Name: S&N Anderson
City: Newberg
Phone: 503-329-2903

Duane Luzier

Name: Duane Luzier
Email: teamluzier@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Fur Immer Farm
City: Hustontown
Phone: 814-761-1774
Website: http://www.furimmerfarm.com

Bio: Fur Immer Farm located in the Appalachian Mountain range / Laurel Highlands near Sideling Hill. We started raising LB in 2009 and are still going strong. Call 814-761-1774 for information on our farm/hogs. Thank you and God Bless.

Name: Steve Glueck
Email: sglueck241@gmail.com
Farm Name: Mustard Seed Farm
City: Douglassville
Phone: 2675888415
Website: http://www.largeblackhogofpa.com


Name: Ezekial Lux
Email: ezekial.lux@gmail.com
Farm Name: Lux Farmstead
City: Adah
Phone: 724-892-2246


Name: Kathy Simonette
Email: maplewood@windstream.net
Farm Name: Maplewood Hill Top
City: Meadville
Phone: 814-333-8255
Website: http://Maplewood%20Hill%20Top%20Goats

Bio: Our farm raises Lg Blk. --reg Old Spot (GOS) and Kune Kune Heritage pigs We live in NW Pa 90 miles north of Pittsburgh, 40 miles S of Erie, PA.

Name: Timothy & Kari Stafford
Email: familycircus@zoominternet.net
Farm Name: Stafford Farm
City: Sandy Lake
Phone: 1-724-813-6243 1-724-376-2122

Cory Sisco

Name: Cory Sisco
Email: Info@siscovalleyfarm.com
Farm Name: Sisco Valley Farm
City: Glenville
Phone: 443-296-2679
Website: http://www.siscovalleyfarm.com

Bio: Cory & Beth Sisco own a small farm. Here we do traditional farming and raise livestock. Our hogs are raised out in the woods. (Large Black Hogs, Berkshire/Hampshire hogs) We also offer grass-fed Highland and Holstein beef. Pastured chickens and turkeys are also available seasonally.

Name: Tara Stottlemyer
Email: tarastottlemyer@gmail.com
Farm Name: Fallowfield Acres
City: Charleroi
Phone: 7248259218

South Carolina
Rob & Helen Daugherty

Name: Rob & Helen Daugherty
Email: rob@happycrittersranch.com
Farm Name: Happy Critters Ranch
City: Honea Path
Phone: 864-314-4019
Website: http://happycrittersranch.com

Bio: Happy Critters Ranch is a sustainable family owned ranch. We sell Large Black Hog breeding stock and pork products.

Name: Connie Jackson
Email: spellcastfarmsllc@gmail.com
Farm Name: Spellcast Farms, LLC
City: Early Branch
Phone: 803-842-9552


Name: Chris Matthews
Email: piedmontfarmer28@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Willing Way Farm LLC
City: Batesburg
Phone: 864-992-1253


Name: Jestin Sligh
Email: nykkiviamccrorey@gmail.com
Farm Name: Jay Birds Chicken & Pigs
City: Pickens
Phone: 864-567-4946 OR 864-631-8275


Name: Samantha Brock
Email: sprose18@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Frigginrock Farm
City: Moore
Phone: 8642661041

South Dakota

Name: Tdairy
Email: tmdpegasusfarms@gmail.com
Farm Name: TMD Pegasus Farm
City: Canton
Phone: 605-254-7694
Website: http://tmdpegasusfarms.wixsite.com


Name: Mitch Dairy
Email: Dairy.ashley@gmail.com
Farm Name: A&M pigs
City: Freeman
Phone: 605-214-1821


Name: mcadoozoo
Email: snakeman52006@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Mcadoozoo
City: Clarksville
Phone: 931-358-2645

Bio: Retired Military we've been Raising LBH now for 5 1/2 years and the result has been great very tame easy to move animals and they taste great on the plate also. We are also raising Emu's for the meat and Oil along with Turkeys, Ducks, Chickens, Peacocks, Flemish Giant Rabbits, Lionhead Rabbits, Netherland Dwarf Rabbits, LongHorn Bull, Jersey, Angus Cows. Living off the land as much as Possible we have not been to the store and bought any kind of meat for the last 4 years what a savings that is and the quality is far above anything you can buy.
Mike and Maggie Shadrick

Name: Mike and Maggie Shadrick
Email: mseagle1@bellsouth.net
Farm Name: Willow Tree Farm
City: Summertown
Phone: 931-279-1481
Website: http://www.willowtreefarmtn.com

Bio: We are a small farm in middle Tennessee. We currently are raising LBH, Nubian goats, Chickens, and Bees. All of our animals are raised humanely with plenty of area to graze and move around. At this time we are working on increasing our pig pastures and heard. Like us on Facebook: Willow Tree Farm

Name: Anita McCawley
Email: avmccawley@gmail.com
Farm Name: Pistole Family Farm
City: Cookeville
Phone: 931-528-8140
Website: http://pistolefarm.com


Name: jonathan eakes
Email: jonathandanieleakes@gmail.com
Farm Name: eakes farm
City: pettersburg
Phone: 12565031518


Name: Rock Spring Hollow Farm
Email: rockspringhollowfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Rock Spring Hollow Farm
City: cumberland city
Phone: 9318273675 / 9545576283

Bio: Hello all We have just bought 28 acres of god touched farm ... farm house, barn and smokehouse. We are very enamored with the heritage animals and heirloom plants. We have several creeks/underground springs running through our pastures and woods. We have settled on the LBH for their temperament, forging ability and for their love ability. We are raising Noble Sam, Warbler, Daisy, Prudence & Charlotte bloodlines. We will have breeders on a limited basis.
For Ever Farm

Name: For Ever Farm
Email: climbnewriver@gmail.com
Farm Name: For Ever Farm
City: Knoxville
Phone: 865-382-1007
Website: http://www.foreverfarmtn.com

Bio: We are an all natural, grass fed farm in East Tennessee. We raise Large Black Hogs and Highland Cattle. All of our animal are raised in a healthy hormone and antibiotic free environment and petted daily.

Name: Maureen Leavitt
Email: mojofarmstn@gmail.com
Farm Name: MoJo Farms
City: Kingston
Phone: 8656046038


Name: Jeffrey Swann
Email: jeff@collinsmfgco.com
Farm Name: Swann Farm
City: Sparta
Phone: 9312617788


Name: Susan Smithburg
Email: lawrmom@hotmail.com
Farm Name: 1850 Farm
City: Nolensville
Phone: 6156186671


Name: Mai Thao
Email: Thao558@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Falls Legacy Farm
City: Jamestown
Phone: 9318798779


Name: Christa Gooch
Email: christagooch@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Gooch & Jones Family Farms
City: Sparta
Phone: 9318546185


Name: Seg
Email: madmacs1@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Boons Creek Farm
City: Bridgeport
Phone: 817-709-8204

Bio: Currently for sale: Unregistered hogs (All Longfellow / Prudence). 2 each -- two + year old intact boars. 1each -- gilt. 2 each -- young boars.

Name: capersandconns
Email: conndeborah3@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Capers N Conn's Farm
City: Marietta
Phone: 951-970-4958

Ralph & Robin Place

Name: Ralph & Robin Place
Email: mrplace01@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Chisholm Hills
City: Rhome
Phone: 940-389-5078
Website: http://www.ChisholmHillsFarm.com

Bio:   We are a small farm located 30 minutes North of Fort Worth in New Fairview Texas.We currently raise large black hogs, and crosses between our LBH and Tamworth sows. We also milk several registered Nubian dairy goats, raise broilers two or three times a year.

Name: HFFKip
Email: team.hanson@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Hanson Family Farm
City: St. Hedwig
Phone: 210-902-9697
Website: http://hansonfamilyfarm.com


Name: Philip and Sofia Howard
Email: srh4405@msn.com
Farm Name: Harmony Ridge Ranch
City: Sheridan
Phone: 713-363-4648

Bio: We live in the heart of Texas 100 mi. from Houston, Austin or San Antonio, TX. Our small farm has LBH with Defender, Longfellow, Prudence, Charlette and Matilda bloodline mixes. Also stud service may be considered.

Name: trevaroberts
Email: trevajroberts@gmail.com
Farm Name: Humble Acres
City: Chico
Phone: 9403999173

Shiner Pork

Name: Shiner Pork
Email: ross@shinerpork.com
Farm Name: Shiner Prairie FarmWorks
City: Shiner
Phone: 361-594-3331 or 361-293-0456
Website: http://www.shinerpork.com

Bio: We are located in the rolling hills of the Texas Shiner Prairie, an area so named by the old German and Czech farmers.  Situated outside Shiner, Texas, this South-Central Texas farm is home to Large Black Hogs.  We're centrally located between Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Victoria and within easy driving distance from the Texas coastline. We have five breeding sows and a Defender Boar.  Our LBH's are from the Majestic and Prudence lines, and several others. We sell both breeding stock and feeders for butchering.  We offer a feeding program for those individuals who live in the city and don't have the space or time to raise their own livestock for personal consumption.  Breeding stock is available on a limited basis, as pork production is our primary business, but if it is breeding stock you want, we have them too. Give us a call. Thanks.

Name: Cathy and Tim Cox
Email: loveslbhogs@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Oleo Acres
City: Leonard
Phone: 903-587-2732


Name: Mark & Kelley Escobedo
Email: sotxhp@aol.com
Farm Name: South Texas Heritage Pork
City: Floresville
Phone: 830-534-7993


Name: Dawson Schott
Email: Dawson.schott@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Dawson Schott
City: Burleson
Phone: 6824382072


Name: Maria Smith
Email: Sole.smithuk@gmail.com
Farm Name: Magnolia Farmstead
City: Celeste
Phone: 8595392924
Website: http://www.magnoliafarmstead.com


Name: Kingsly Kellam
Email: freefleeing@gmail.com
Farm Name: Free Fleeing Farms & Fabrications
City: Bastrop
Phone: 5123087181
Website: https://www.instagram.com/freefleeingfarmsandfabrication/


Name: Roy Brown
Email: urwattdoc@sbcglobal.net
Farm Name: Roy Brown Farm
City: Kountze
Phone: 4096730456

Dora Sheffield

Name: Dora Sheffield
Email: dora.sheffield@att.net
Farm Name: Sheffield Hill Ranch
City: Huntsville
Phone: 832-863-5128

Bio: We are located approx 100 miles north of Houston, TX in a small rural area between Huntsville and Riverside, Texas. We have 40 acres of pasture land in which we are now running several types of animals. Our latest venture are the Large Black Heritage Hogs. Our breeding pedigree currently consists of Epps Matilda, RCD Noble Sam, CM Prudence 2-F2 and Epps Prudence. Our pigs are pasture grazing on several types of naturally and planted grains, with natural forage and supplemental gestational cubes, greens, ground rice and oats and fodder seasonal to make sure all their nutrients are fulfilled. We do not give our animals hormones as we believe that even though it takes a little longer to feed out a Black Heritage, the benefits of the meat is phenomenal!! Whether your need is for feed or breed, please give me the chance to show you some of these beauties! If you are interested please feel free to send email to dora.sheffield@att.net or james.sheffield@att.net or call 832-863-5128. We can make arrangements for delivery if needed.

Name: Jamie Watters
Email: ladyjamie01@hotmail.com
Farm Name: WattersRidge Farms
City: Palestine
Phone: 9035150830
Website: http://www.wattersridge.com


Name: Emilee Byrd
Email: EByrd0424@gmail.com
Farm Name: Turtle Crossing Farm
City: Gatesville
Phone: 254-216-8279

BillyWDonna Sensat

Name: BillyWDonna Sensat
Email: donnasensat@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Sensat5Farm
City: Bronson
Phone: 936-596-5800

Bio: We have full blood large black hogs. Just getting started. They are not registered but can be. We have a lot to learn and growing

Name: Catherine Cummings
Email: catherinebonner21@outlook.com
Farm Name: Bonner Farm
City: Valley Spring
Phone: 325-423-1621

Ashley Morgan

Name: Ashley Morgan
Email: morgansblendedacres@gmail.com
Farm Name: Morgan's Blended Acres
City: Hallettsville
Phone: 832-470-2433
Website: https://www.facebook.com/morgansblendedacres/

Bio: Hello. Welcome to Morgan's Blended Acres. We started our farm as a way of having more control over what we eat. We have a little girl who had a full page of food allergies. So we decided now was the time to get back to a natural way of eating/living. We raise pastured heritage livestock. Our Large Black Hogs are raised on pasture and supplemented from our garden and eggs from our hens. We also have bees, cattle, turkeys, chickens, and sheep. We are in the process of being able to offer meat processing services; to include cold smoking for bacon and summer sausage.

Name: Little Prairie Farms
Email: Dcware82@gmail.com
Farm Name: Little Prairie Farms
City: Huntsville
Phone: 2819147038


Name: Grant Charles
Email: Gcharles@duchesne.utah.gov
Farm Name: Charles'
City: Duchesne
Phone: 4358231081

erf tammy0518

Name: erf tammy0518
Email: tammy0518@comcast.net
Farm Name: East River Farm
City: Bluefield
Phone: 276-322-2538

Bio: we are a small family farm in southwest virginia. we raise quality pastured pork, geese, and turkeys. we also have a beautiful herd of wagyu beef cattle and mid miniature jersey cows. our large black herd consists of 3 sow lines- daisy, prudence, and charlotte. we have 2 boar lines- defender and super. we are able to meet all of your breeding needs by offering breeding pairs, trios, as well as gilts or boars for your homestead. call us. we always love to talk pig!

Name: leapingwaters
Email: info@leapingwatersfarm.com
Farm Name: Leaping Waters Farm
City: Shawsville
Phone: 540-268-5498
Website: http://leapingwatersfarm.com

Bio: Leaping Waters Farm is a 1200 acre heritage breed farm owned and operated by Alec and Sarah Bradford in Southwest Virginia.  Alec grew up working a cow/calf operation in Middle Tennessee and has been a professional farmer in his own right for nearly a decade.  Sarah is a Family Doctor who delivers babies at the NRV Medical center in Radford, Virginia.
Poplar Spring Farm

Name: Poplar Spring Farm
Email: poplarspringfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: Poplar Spring Farm, LLC
City: South Boston
Phone: (434) 476-7256
Website: http://www.poplarspringfarm.com

Bio: We are a small family farm in southern Virginia. We raise broilers, turkeys and Large Black Hogs on pasture. We sell meat as well as registered piglets. The bloodlines at our farm are: boars: Super & sows: Charlotte, Daisy. Contact us to get on our list. Next up in winter 2015/2016; Charlotte/Super litter. Check out our website and Facebook page for more information. www.facebook.com/poplarspringfarm

Name: J. Douglas McCarthy
Email: douglasmccarthy@mccarthyakers.com
Farm Name: Aisling Hill Farm
City: Winchester
Phone: 540-535-8632

Frauke Bruns

Name: Frauke Bruns
Email: Frauke.bruns90@gmail.com
Farm Name: Basel LLC
City: Rhoadesville
Phone: 540 273 3420
Website: https://www.facebook.com/porkstork/

Bio: We are located in Northern Virginia, our business is on naturally raised heritage pigs. We have blood lines Defender, Super along with Charlotte and Matilda

Name: Donald Krueger
Email: kernan62@yahoo.com
Farm Name: D & D Farm
City: Amelia Court House
Phone: 407-257-1673

CD White

Name: CD White
Email: triplecreekfarmva@gmail.com
Farm Name: Triple Creek Farm
City: martinsville
Phone: 5404204463
Website: http://www.triplecreekfarm.org


Name: ksullivan
Email: ksullivan@gmavt.net
Farm Name: Otter Creek Heritage Farm, LLC
City: Panton
Phone: 8027774659


Name: Mark Van Dell
Email: markvandell@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Rocky Root Farm
City: Marshfield
Phone: (802) 426-2212


Name: George Hollister
Email: drybrookfarm@comcast.net
Farm Name: Dry Brook Farm
City: West Pawlet
Phone: 860 391 2463


Name: Heather Forthofer
Email: heather.emt@gmail.com
Farm Name: Bittersweet Family Farm
City: Stanwood
Phone: 4252806590


Name: Bobby
Email: bobb4924@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Lowe Farm
City: Stanwood
Phone: 425-327-7248

Bio: We are a small hobby farm in Stanwood, WA. We've been raising Large Blacks for about four years now. We are located in Snohomish County, WA. Unfortunately we will be moving and are unable to take our pigs with us. Our breeding pair (Kevin and Lulu) are four years old. They are great breeders and pets. We need to find a home for both of them. We will not split them up. Looking for $1000 for both. We also have two male piglets left from our September, 2016 litter. Call Bobby @ 425-327-7248.

Name: redmarble
Email: spedors@centurytel.net
Farm Name: Dominique Bador
City: Chewelah
Phone: 509-935-4192

Bio: Grass based multi faceted farm. Sheep, goats, cattle, hogs, turkeys. Heritage non commercial breeds mostly.Dealing locally first. Used to ranch in CO, recently moved up here.
Brian Rasmussen

Name: Brian Rasmussen
Email: rasmussenb@mac.com
Farm Name: Raven's Wind Farms
City: Oak Harbor
Website: http://www.facebook.com/ravenswindnaturalfarms

Bio: Veteran owned sustainable market farm located on picturesque Whidbey Island in Washington State's Puget Sound. ***UPDATE*** SECOND litter born 4/21/17 TWO (2) Majestic (boar) and SEVEN (7) Prudence (gilts) Available upon weaning. Litter certificate in hand.

Name: Jason Ray
Email: jason@rayappraisals.com
Farm Name: Naches Heights Stock Farm
City: Yakima
Phone: 509-958-2576

Erik Ellis

Name: Erik Ellis
Email: bellisfarms@gmail.com
Farm Name: Bellis Farm
City: Chelan
Phone: 509-888-0419

Bio: Our family micro-farm is located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains near beautiful Lake Chelan in central Washington. We raise only purebred stock registered with both the Large Black Hog Association and the Red Wattle Hog Association. We believe organic, pastured production is the only way to go. Certified organic pork coming soon!

Name: Dwelchfarms
Email: dwelchfarms@gmail.com
Farm Name: D Welch Farms
City: Bow
Phone: 360-499-1988
Website: http://www.dwelchfarms.com


Name: Rob Dightman
Email: robdightman@gmail.com
Farm Name: Eagle Eye Farm
City: Arlington
Phone: 3609616036


Name: Travis Rozelle
Email: travisrozelle@gmail.com
Farm Name: 7 West Farms
City: Chattaroy
Phone: 5092205574

Jeremy Mellick

Name: Jeremy Mellick
Email: jeremymellick@gmail.com
Farm Name: Excel Farms
City: Maple Valley
Phone: 206-816-4663

Bio: We are a Western Washington Farm specializing in Heritage Breeds such as Large Black, Old Spot, and Hereford Hogs. We sell breeders, meat pigs, and meat, raised on pasture as naturally as possible.

Name: Melissa Samsell
Email: msamsell@live.com
Farm Name: Flying Pig Farms
City: Maple Valley
Phone: 206-412-6291

Blink Blink-thankful

Name: Blink Blink-thankful
Email: aprils.csa.garden@gmail.com
Farm Name: Dorothy's Grange LLC
City: Blanchardville
Phone: 608-444-1102
Website: http://dorothysgrange.com

Bio: Veggie head to porker...  Realizing how well pigs fit into the farming circle!I feel it is important to keep diversity in our diet (and planet) and to have a relationship with the food that nourishes us. Our pigs are on NON GMO diet. They are pastured, given veggies, nuts and organic LOCAL grain rations.  One of goals is to get them off the corn and soy, even though we purchase local, organic feed.  We are not certified organic, but practice such. We raised a few LBs and GOS's.  Fell in love and are expanding and exploring these lovely creatures some more. We have a couple gilts and Super boar. Pastured pork is available throughout most of the year. We sell feeders and breeding stock.  Our pigs always have access to the outdoors and are fed hay and veggies during the winter months. Spring and fall litters. We are in SW Wisconsin.
Foxfire Farm

Name: Foxfire Farm
Email: foxfire.farm@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Foxfire Farm
City: Hazelhurst
Phone: 715-453-1314
Website: http://www.foxfire-farm.com

Bio: Foxfire Farm is located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We are extremely excited about being a part of the breeding program for the LBHA and take it very seriously. Sustaining and improving the genetics and educating others about these wonderful animals is our ultimate goal. Tamworth and Berkshires also available. Be sure to view our website www.foxfire-farm.com for a complete and updated stock inventory. Noble Sam, Prudence, and Majestic lines. 630-205-0016 or 715-453-1314   

Name: jmcs_3
Email: jmsmith@pastureprimefarmwi.com
Farm Name: Pasture Prime Farm
City: Osseo
Phone: 715-214-5412
Website: http://www.pastureprimefarmwi.com

Bio: "Our Pastures are Alive with the Sound of Grazing!" Our Warbler sow "Wren" is looking very round with her third litter of piglets. Our Noble Sam Boar "Nigel" is the proud papa once again. We have been so impressed with the piglets coming out of these two. We believe they will take our finishing time down by at least two months. Raised the same way! Piglets are due mid-September 2014. Mothering instinct is incredibly important to us and this instinct is very strong in Wren. Contact us for interest!

Name: NorthernMarsh
Email: scrandall@northernmarshfarms.com
Farm Name: Northern Marsh Farms
City: Tony
Phone: 715-322-4379
Website: http://www.northernmarshfarms.com

Bio: Please visit our website or give us a call for more information. Thanks, Sam
Paul Polzin DVM

Name: Paul Polzin DVM
Email: paulpolzin@centurytel.net
Farm Name: Paul Polzin DVM
City: Denmark
Phone: (920) 863-2011

Bio: Breeding stock for sale. Call for details.

Name: Natasha & Jordan Paris
Email: parkelmfarm@gmail.com
Farm Name: ParKelm Farm
City: Green Lake
Phone: 9207671109
Website: http://www.parkelm.farm

Michael Dolan

Name: Michael Dolan
Email: dolanm7@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Driftless Pastures
City: Spring Green
Phone: (608) 444-9759

Bio: Farming in the driftless area of southwest Wisconsin, raising grass-fed Murray Grey cattle, pastured pork, and chicken. Will have pork, feeder pigs, and breeding stock for sale Spring 2016
Maren & Keith Skovera

Name: Maren & Keith Skovera
Email: healthylife@markefarms.com
Farm Name: Marke Farms
City: Pulaski
Phone: 920-609-4670,920-373-2620
Website: http://www.markefarms.com

Bio: We are an organic farm located in Pulaski, Wisconsin. We sell feeders up through full grown hogs, as well as grassfed beef, chickens, eggs and produce. Call for availability. 920-609-4670, 920-373-2620
Russel & Sarah Butzin

Name: Russel & Sarah Butzin
Email: russelbutzin@yahoo.com
Farm Name: R & S Butzin Ranch
City: Wild Rose
Phone: 920-765-1146

Bio: Small family farm in central Wisconsin. We pasture raise pigs and beef more info coming soon
Jennifer & Michael Brevard - Clover Hill Harvest

Name: Jennifer & Michael Brevard - Clover Hill Harvest
Farm Name: Clover Hill Harvest, LLC
City: Helenville
Phone: 608-215-7391
Website: http://www.facebook.com/cloverhillharvest

Bio: Our farm goal is to produce healthy, sustainable, great tasting food the way nature intended. We provide organically pastured pork, turkeys, rabbits and chicken eggs. Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/cloverhillharvest
Deborah Baker

Name: Deborah Baker
Email: chapeltopfarm@outlook.com
Farm Name: Chapel Top Heritage Hope Farm
City: Tony
Phone: 608-346-2196 or 715-532-9798
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ChapelTopFarm?ref=hl

Bio: Our farm goal is to increase interest in the preservation of heritage breeds of animals. We want to share them in ways that will bring some endangered species back to form and function. Allowing our customers to experience the tastes of foods enjoyed in the past from our simple local farm and happy animals today. It is our hope that by introducing heritage species back into the market place we will recreate a place for them now and far into the future. We will have many products and livestock available by 2016. Check back frequently. When I have things to sell or trade I will post and let you know.
Rodney Bratsven

Name: Rodney Bratsven
Email: rbratsven@gmail.com
Farm Name: Bratsven Grazers
City: Lublin
Phone: 715-314-0781 715-447-8705

Bio: Dairy farmer ,along with LB all graze not force feed ,our pastures are all grass

Name: Pete & Heather Haug
Email: haugs5@gmail.com
Farm Name: Haug Heritage Farm
City: Knapp
Phone: 715-772-3115


Name: Samuel Lang
Email: dresserankeeper@gmail.com
Farm Name: Rosenkranz Farms
City: Brownsville
Phone: 920-539-2043


Name: Ryan Schell
Email: schell_ryan@yahoo.com
Farm Name: New Beginnings
City: Loganville
Phone: 608-448-7387


Name: Greg and Jenny Hughes
Email: hughesjenny35@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Hughes Family Farm
City: Hawkins
Phone: 815-762-5646

Bio: We are very excited to just be getting started with the family farm. It's a slow process, but we are jumping right in and getting our feet very dirty! What started as a kids project has turned us into Pig Lovers!

Name: Samuel Wampole
Email: swampole1@gmail.com
Farm Name: Wampole Angus Ranch
City: Thorp
Phone: 7157731305


Name: LaVonne Murphy
Email: lavonnemurphy@hotmail.com
Farm Name: FIELDSTONE Family Farm, LLC
City: Webster
Phone: 1-763-226-6200


Name: Scott Carman
Email: scottcarman1@hotmail.com
Farm Name: Ghost Creek Ranch
City: Athens
Phone: 7153702186

Alyssa Palmer

Name: Alyssa Palmer
Email: bluelinehogs@gmail.com
Farm Name: Blue-Line Hogs
City: Spring Green


Name: Lawrence Bertzyk III
Email: lbertzyk@yahoo.com
Farm Name: 11 Acre Farm
City: Wautoma
Phone: 920-787-0685


Name: Alyssa Palmer
Email: alyssajpalmer@gmail.com
Farm Name: Blue-Line Hogs
City: Spring Green
Phone: 608-212-3235


Name: Merrilyn Norlin
Email: exkitchenwitch@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Campbell
City: Eastman
Phone: 6084125594


Name: Peter Gasper
Email: farmer1@gasperfarm.com
Farm Name: Gasper Family Farm
City: Marion
Phone: 608-432-4694
Website: http://www.gasperfarm.com


Name: Chace Freier
Email: freiers191@gmail.com
Farm Name: Black Pine Farms
City: Ellsworth
Phone: 7154101241


Name: Kim Helm
Email: kah_smiley@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Apple Hill Farm
City: Richland Center
Phone: 608-536-3575


Name: Chance Freier
Email: BlackPinesFarm@none.none
Farm Name: Black Pines Farm
City: Ellsworth

West Virginia
Currey Farm

Name: Currey Farm
Email: curreyfarms@comcast.net
Farm Name: Currey Farms
City: Grafton
Phone: 304-669-5134


Name: lmfarms
Email: lmfarms@wildblue.net
Farm Name: Loch Moore Farms, LLC
City: Maysville
Phone: 304-482-4005

Jason Edmond

Name: Jason Edmond
Email: Jason_Edmond@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Hog Hollow Farm
City: Belington
Phone: (304)704-2095
Website: https://www.facebook.com/hoghollow.farm.5

Carol James

Name: Carol James
Email: auntiecarols.country@gmail.com
Farm Name: Auntie Carol's Country Co-op ltd.
City: Terra Alta
Phone: 3016167098
Website: http://auntiecarols.country

Bio: We are a proud small family farm and producers of Heritage Large Blacks and Poultry. We have breakfast club shares and much more!

Name: Tara Cumley
Email: t_cumley@yahoo.com
Farm Name: Happy Hogs Farm
City: Falling Waters
Phone: 3049190099


Name: Max Boward
Email: maxbroward@frontiernet.net
Farm Name: Boward Family Farm
City: Augusta
Phone: 304-268-7791


Name: Ogreetafarms
Email: unaka@yahoo.com
Farm Name: High Cove Farm