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List: All Only Pork Producers


Name: Holly Tracy
Farm Name: PJs Farm
City: Longmont
Phone: (970) 481-0975

Bio: Steve, Holly and Payton Cure have a small ten acre horse farm in lovely Longmont Colorado. Both farm raised ourselves we love to raise our own happy healthy food. He have chickens and fresh eggs, fiber and milk goats and now LBH's. Of course the main residents here are AQHA Reining Horses. Breeding training and showing reining horses is my main business. Our family loves to spend time with our animals and raise happy healthy critters:)

Liorah Crockett

Name: Liorah Crockett
Farm Name: L&M Ranch
City: La Veta
Phone: 719-251-4052

Bio: L&M Ranch is located in beautiful southern Colorado near the town of La Veta. We are a diversified farm with a focus on natural livestock husbandry and regenerative agricultural practices. We pasture and organically feed pork, beef and lamb and offer our exceptional meats for sale directly from our ranch, at farmers markets and online through our website. In addition to our two modern breeds of sheep Royal White and Texel, we raise 4 different heritage breeds, Large Black Hogs, Black Welsh Mountain and Shetland Sheep and Belted Galloway Cattle. We believe that by raising Heritage Breeds we are helping to ensure biodiversity in livestock genetics which is vitally important to the future of agriculture, and heritage breeds also are very well suited to small scale diversified farms.

Kenton Schwettman

Name: Kenton Schwettman
Farm Name: Florida River Ranch
City: Ignacio
Phone: 970-247-7754

Bio: We raise registered Large Black Hogs on free range pasture next to the Florida River in Southwestern Colorado. Our pigs are happy and healthy and live their best lives here on the ranch.


Name: Kevin Barbeau
Farm Name: Cloonybreen Farm
City: Somers
Phone: 8608355667

Bio: Our pastured pigs spend their days on fresh grass doing what pigs do best; rooting, digging, running and cooling themselves in their wallow. They dine on local, specially blended, grass mixture that includes clover, purple top turnips, oats and more . Foraging not only this high quality blend of grass, they consume acorns, walnuts and apples from our trees, free range chicken eggs and vegetables from our farm, and Jersey cow whey from a local dairy.

Jake and Elizabeth

Name: Jake and Elizabeth
Farm Name: LBJ Farms
City: Indian River County
Phone: 772-766-4177

Bio: We are a small family farm in Indian River County, Florida. Our farm objective is produce the best heritage meat by matching our livestock breeds to our land. We currently have a Defender Boar and a Warbler Sow.

Bob Hayles

Name: Bob Hayles
Farm Name: Mountain Crest Farm
City: Jasper
Phone: 706-502-0858

Bio: Mountain Crest Farm is a small family farm where Bob, Cindy, and Sarah try to live a self sufficient life. Part of that is raising our own meat, and we chose to raise Large Black Hogs as a part of that. Our first pig raised to slaugnter went to the abattoir mid-February 2016, and our choice of the LBH breed was vindicated with the first mouthful of pork. After the first bite the reaction from the very non-demonstrative Cindy was, "Wow! This doesn't taste like pork...It tastes like a really good steak!" We raise registered Large Blacks from our Daisy line sow Daisy, and our Super line boar Roscoe. We also raise Large Black/Berkshire hybrids from the same boar and our Berkshire gals Porkchop (originally destined for the abattoir, but we decided she was good enough to breed), Rose, and Violet. Mountain Crest Farm feeds 100% GMO-free feed.


Name: Dennis Johnson
Farm Name: Skeenah Gap Farms, LLC
City: Blairsville, Ga.
Phone: 8505273700

Bio: I was reared on a Dairy and Grain farm in southern Illinois during the 50 & 60's. Couldn't wait to leave for college to get away from farming. Then the next 60 years, College, USAF Vietnam, College and then into business world as a corporate executive - working from New York to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Then owner of my own company until 2013. Now i'm back to the life I ran from and so love today, Hay Farmer, Black Angus Cattle of the Connealy and SAV lines as replacement heifers, and now the wonderful LARGE BLACK HOG and the LBH/BERKSHIRE cross. Lucky to have taken on young partner (Mr. & Mrs. Angus McGillis) who's life goals and family goals are the same as ours. Assisted by their (3) children, Ryan, 9 Silas, 7 and Maggie 5, (the real farmer in the family). We are raising Registered LBH from Triangle K,, and Mt Crest Farms. The main lines are SUPER, DAISY, PRUDENCE, and we will be adding CHARLOTTE soon. Our Goal is to be happy, raise some of the best examples of LBH with a low Inbreeding Coefficient and have the LBH community proud of what we have achieved when the day is over. A "Special Thanks", to our special friend, the late Bob Hayles, of Mt. Crest Farm for introducing us to the LBH and being our mentor. He is missed.


Name: luckygeorgefarm
Farm Name: Lucky George Farm
City: Derby
Phone: 515-650-7644

Bio: Located in Central Southern Iowa we have been raising purebred Large Black Pigs since 2013. We are members of the British Pig Association and lifetime members of the LBHA. Our family maintains a stable and consistent meat market allowing us to be extremely selective in our breeding stock. The more meat we produce the happier our hungry customers are! Only animals that meet breed conformation are bred and 1-2 animals per litter are kept back as potential breeders for us or buyers. We currently have American stock and British/American stock available for sale. In 2016 we imported three female lines from Great Britain including Blackie, Constance, and Nocturne which we have been breeding with our American boars. Our female American lines include Charlotte, Grandeur, Matilda, Prudence, and Warbler. Our male American lines are Defender and Super. We sell proven boars, proven gilts (1 litter born and reared), proven sows (2 + litters reared), adolescent males for breeding, adolescent gilts for breeding, barrows, and weaned piglets (10 weeks and older) for breeding. We export internationally, have on farm quarantine facilities, and a dedicated veterinarian for all required tests. We can fly pigs at buyer's expense from six different Midwest Airports including Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines, St. Louis, Chicago, and Minneapolis.


Name: Travis & Ashli Voelker
Farm Name: Perseverance Acres Heritage Farm
City: Edgewood
Phone: 618-553-4879



Name: heritagemeadowsfarm
Farm Name: Heritage Meadows Farm
City: Clayton
Phone: 317-250-8710

Bio: Boars: Defender, Majestic, Malcolm Sows: Matilda, Daisy, Charlotte, Warbler, Prudence

Andy VanNess

Name: Andy VanNess
Farm Name: WillowBrook Farm
City: LaFontaine
Phone: 765-667-0901

Bio: Noble Sam, Charlotte & Warbler


Name: Tyler Russell
Farm Name: R.F. Farms
City: New castle
Phone: 7654655611

Bio: Matilda, Daisy, Charlotte, Warbler sow lines. Defender and Noble Sam boar lines. Mature boars available, Registered stock available, Feeders/ Breeders


Name: Mike and Penny
Farm Name: Fiat Farms
City: Simpsonville
Phone: 502-321-8160

Bio: We have a breeding pair of large black hogs. We have two litters a year. Call for more information.

Sam Knight

Name: Sam Knight
Farm Name: Mad Knight Heritage Farms LLC
City: North Yarmouth
Phone: 207-210-4880

Bio: My wife Brigitte and I started raising Large Black Hogs in 2011. We have three Sow lines Prudence, Matilda and Warbler. Our boar line is Majestic. We raise all of our hogs outdoors in their natural environments. We sell registered breeding stock of all ages. Please feel free to contact us for any Large Black Hog Questions.

Greener Days Farm

Name: Greener Days Farm
Farm Name: Greener Days Farm
City: Waldoboro
Phone: 207-406-0392

Bio: Greener Days Farm is a sustainable, off-grid farm focused on raising healthy happy heritage Large Black pigs, Katahdin sheep, ducks and chickens. We have 6 registered boars (Lines: Longfellow, Defender and Super). 14 registered sows: (Lines: Matilda, Charlotte, Warbler, Prudence and Daisy). Plus LB crosses with Old Spot and Tamworth. All of our animals are raised on pasture, woodlots and crop fields. We practice rotational grazing all year for the health of our animals and our soil. We live our tag line every day: If the grass is greener... move the fence.

Andrew & Danielle Friend

Name: Andrew & Danielle Friend
Farm Name: Cider Acres Family Farm
City: Woolwich
Phone: 1-207-389-4470

Bio: My wife and I raise registered breed stock and large black feeder hogs. Our original stock is from Mad Knight Heritage Farms and includes Iowa Alrose, Prudence, and Matilda lines. Please contact with any questions!

Elizabeth & Jacob Baumann

Name: Elizabeth & Jacob Baumann
Farm Name: Baumanns' Homestead
City: Bucksport
Phone: 2079228939

Bio: My husband and I raise registered breed stock, as well as large black feeder hogs. Our farm includes Iowa Alrose (Boar) Prudence (sow) , and Matilda (sow) lines. We currently have just the two sows, but will be expanding in the near future. Our original stock came from Cider Acres Farm. Please contact us with any and all questions!


Name: wilcoxheritagefarm
Farm Name: Wilcox Heritage Farm
City: Ovid
Phone: (989) 834-2387

Bio: We started raising Large Blacks in 2013, when we purchased our first sows, both from the Prudence line. We've now expanded to a few more sows and a boar from the Super line - we love our Large Blacks! Our farm obtained organic certification for our field crops in 2014, and are working on transitioning additonal acreage to organic. In addition to our Large Blacks, we raise a variety of field crops as well as chickens, turkeys, We grind our own feed from non-GMO corn and pasture all of our animals as well.

April & Rick Petersen

Name: April & Rick Petersen
Farm Name: Petersen
City: White Cloud
Phone: 616-451-9515

Bio: July, 3, 2019. Currently have 2 older purebred Prudence gilts, a young Charlotte gilt, & a young Alrose boar. We hope to have a new litter of Charlotte/Alrose piglets by mid-spring of 2020.

Dean Deacey

Name: Dean Deacey
Farm Name: Deacey's Heritage Hog Farm
City: Hersey
Phone: 2316802518



Name: John & Patti Giem
Farm Name: Gemstone Farm
City: Grovespring
Phone: 417-531-5716

Bio: We are located in southwest Mo. near springfield. We have breeding stock and feeder pigs available.

Weesner Meadow

Name: Weesner Meadow
Farm Name: Weesner Meadow Farm
City: Holly Springs
Phone: (901) 299-3806

Bio: Shipping nationwide. Karen & Jeff Weesner, business professionals, have a natural ranch in Hudsonville at historic Holly Springs, MS. Weesner Meadow Farm ships retail meat, livestock & Maremma guardian dogs when available. Retail small batch gourmet meats: * Limited amounts of Pastured farm-to-table heritage pork (supplemental feed is Medication-free). [Current focus is restoring the number of Large Black Hogs in the US.] * Grass-fed Lamb (GMO free). * Grass-fed aged beef (GMO free). Dog Breeder: Italian Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs are field born puppies & working adults. ($750/$1200). Heritage Livestock Breeding: St. Croix Hair-Sheep, and... rare Iowa Alrose/Prudence LBH. Piglets $350 - $900.

North Carolina

Name: Annette Ensley
Farm Name: Double 00 Farm Inc.
City: Robbinsville
Phone: 828-479-3685

Bio: We are a small farm in the mountains of Western North Carolina. We operate an equine rescue as our primary business and raise LBH pigs to help sustain our rescue efforts. Currently we have an Iowa Alrose boar, and Prudence sows.

Paul Holton

Name: Paul Holton
Farm Name: Holton Family Farms LLC
City: Louisburg
Phone: 919-830-9733

Bio: Small family farm based in Louisburg NC, that raises Heritage grass-fed and finished beef, Heritage pastured/woodland pork and pastured poultry. Occasionally we will have some of our Large Blacks for sale. Please contact us for availability.

Jeff Phillips

Name: Jeff Phillips
Farm Name: Pine Row Farm
City: Robbinsville
Phone: 828-735-9180

Bio: This family farm has been around for generations. Last year, May 2017 we added Large Black's to our operation. Daisy had her first litter of piglets July 31, 2018. We are very excited to be a part of Large Black family, working hard to keep the breed alive and well.

New Hampshire
Cynthia Gay

Name: Cynthia Gay
Farm Name: Harmony Mountain Eco-Farm
City: Lancaster
Phone: 603-631-6139

Bio: We are a small sustainable farm in northern New Hampshire. We currently have a LB boar and a gilt that we have recently bred and are hoping for a litter come spring 2019. We raise on large expansive pasture where we have diverse landscape for the pigs to enjoy.

New York
Phillip Race

Name: Phillip Race
Farm Name: Valley View Devons
City: Nunda
Phone: 585-402-9471

Bio: We are a pasture based farm using regenerative grazing practices. We raise grassfed Red Devon cattle and Large Black Hogs.

Darren Felicia Krock

Name: Darren Felicia Krock
Farm Name: Triangle K Ranch
City: Kenton
Phone: 567-674-2542

Bio: We have raised these amazing animals for over 11 years. Both my husband and I come from farming backgrounds and have raised the commercial type pig before as well. A couple of the most important relationships you should have when raising any food animal is opening a line of communication with your veterinarian, butcher and breeder. When starting out, find a mentor, not necessarily one who raises heritage breed animals, but someone of whom you can ask questions, share ideas. Do not overlook your elderly family member or neighbor who was a hog farmer "back in the day", he probably raised his hogs closer to what we are striving for than the large CAFOs. Do not discount everything the CAFO has to say either. They have the financing to pay for research which can be helpful to us as well. You would be surprised by listening, truly listening to the CAFO farmers. You may notice some of their worries just do not exist with a pasture based system, then again, they do not have neighbors or random strangers stopping at your door to say your pigs are out. We have 4 boars currently. Gilbert (MBR Majestic), Bismarck (Basel Defender:, Phillip (Purdue University Super-CA) and Ian (The Livestock Conservancy Malcolm). Our ladies is quite a list, Charlotte (Leaping Waters Charlotte who is 10 years old and just provided us with a litter of 7), Little Sister (Triangle K Charlotte), Sweet 16 (Triangle K Charlotte), Cecelia (Purdue University Charlotte), Wiilhemina (Dorothy's Warbler), Susie Q (Triangle K Warbler), Mad Maddie (H.M. Farm Matilda), Penelope (Bennett Prudence), 2 as yet to be named (The Livestock Conservancy Prudence x 2). I am considering another Matilda and a Daisy. We have been working with The Livestock Conservancy and Purdue University on a major frozen AI program that will have a huge impact on the Heritage breed world of swine. Never hesitate to ask questions, that is the only way any of us learn! Any questions, give us a holler.

Lloyd Payne

Name: Lloyd Payne
Farm Name: Piggin Farms
City: Newcastle
Phone: (405) 300-4011

Bio: We have a growing herd of Large Blacks. We have a Longfellow x Prudence boar. We have Noble Sam x Matilda and Longfellow x Matilda sows. We offer breeding boars and gilts, feeder pigs, and butcher hogs in the Large Blacks. Feel free to call or text if you are looking for Large Black breeding quality pigs or butcher pigs. We usually have something available year round and willing to make trades. Delivery available for a fee within 300 miles.

Connor Morrison

Name: Connor Morrison
Farm Name: CRyan Enterprises LLC
City: Newcastle
Phone: 405-387-4867

Bio: I am 12 years old and raise large black hogs for a 4H project.

Mark and MaLea Easterly

Name: Mark and MaLea Easterly
Farm Name: Mount Hope Heritage Farm
City: Lebanon
Phone: 541 619-5307

Bio: Mount Hope Heritage Farm, located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, is a family owned and operated farm that specializes in Heritage Hogs. Our hogs roam the pastures, foraging for food, in their natural environment. It is our belief to give each and every one of our animals the best possible life. Our sows and boars are part of the family and each one has a distinct personality. We believe natural is better, the way GOD intended.

Duane & Kelly Luzier

Name: Duane & Kelly Luzier
Farm Name: Fur Immer Farm
Phone: 18147611774

Bio: Fur Immer Farm located in the Appalachian Mountain range / Laurel Highlands near Sideling Hill. We started raising LB in 2009. Our last Registered LBHA Charlotte sow, Little Sister, is currently at Purdue University, IN participating in the Livestock Conservancy AI/Pork study. When she and AI resulting piglets return to the farm in late 2020 our breeding program will continue with new and much needed bloodlines for the East Coast. We foresee having litters available Spring 2021. Call 814-761-1774 for information on our farm/hogs. Thank you and God Bless.

Cory Sisco

Name: Cory Sisco
Farm Name: Sisco Valley Farm
City: Glenville
Phone: 443-296-2679

Bio: Cory & Beth Sisco own a small farm. Here we do traditional farming and raise livestock. Our hogs are raised out in the woods. (Large Black Hogs, Berkshire/Hampshire hogs) We also offer grass-fed Highland and Holstein beef. Pastured chickens and turkeys are also available seasonally.

South Carolina
Rob & Helen Daugherty

Name: Rob & Helen Daugherty
Farm Name: Happy Critters Ranch
City: Honea Path
Phone: 864-314-4019

Bio: Happy Critters Ranch is a sustainable family owned ranch. We sell Large Black Hog breeding stock and pork products.


Name: Robert & Suzan
Farm Name: Sunny Acres Farm
City: Abbeville
Phone: 8643911207

Bio: We are a small family farm located in Abbeville, SC raising LGD's, pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks. We have Mulefoot and Large Black Boars with York and Berkshire cross sows. We are looking to add some reg LB sows to go along with our 4 full blooded Mulefoot sows. Our Female LGD is Karakachan the Male is Antolian/Great Pyrenees.

South Dakota

Name: Melissa Holt
Farm Name: Serendipity Farm
City: Hot Springs
Phone: 7193313417

Bio: At Serendipity Farmstead, we focus on growing lush green pastures for our LBH and poultry. We have 2 sows for our own breeding and raise about 20 feeders a year. Our lineage is Prudence/Majestic. We process on farm as well as at a USDA plant.


Name: Stephanie Anderson
Farm Name: Forever Greatful Farm
City: Erin
Phone: 615-476-7229



Name: Seg
Farm Name: Boons Creek Farm
City: Bridgeport
Phone: 817-709-8204

Bio: Currently for sale: Unregistered hogs (All Longfellow / Prudence). 2 each -- two + year old intact boars. 1each -- gilt. 2 each -- young boars.

Shiner Pork

Name: Shiner Pork
Farm Name: Shiner Prairie FarmWorks
City: Shiner
Phone: 361-594-3331 or 361-293-0456

Bio: We are located in the rolling hills of the Texas Shiner Prairie, an area so named by the old German and Czech farmers.  Situated outside Shiner, Texas, this South-Central Texas farm is home to Large Black Hogs.  We're centrally located between Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Victoria and within easy driving distance from the Texas coastline. We have five breeding sows and a Defender Boar.  Our LBH's are from the Majestic and Prudence lines, and several others. We sell both breeding stock and feeders for butchering.  We offer a feeding program for those individuals who live in the city and don't have the space or time to raise their own livestock for personal consumption.  Breeding stock is available on a limited basis, as pork production is our primary business, but if it is breeding stock you want, we have them too. Give us a call. Thanks.

Dora Sheffield

Name: Dora Sheffield
Farm Name: Sheffield Hill Ranch
City: Huntsville
Phone: 832-863-5128

Bio: We are located approx 100 miles north of Houston, TX in a small rural area between Huntsville and Riverside, Texas. We have 40 acres of pasture land in which we are now running several types of animals. Our latest venture are the Large Black Heritage Hogs. Our breeding pedigree currently consists of Epps Matilda, RCD Noble Sam, CM Prudence 2-F2 and Epps Prudence. Our pigs are pasture grazing on several types of naturally and planted grains, with natural forage and supplemental gestational cubes, greens, ground rice and oats and fodder seasonal to make sure all their nutrients are fulfilled. We do not give our animals hormones as we believe that even though it takes a little longer to feed out a Black Heritage, the benefits of the meat is phenomenal!! Whether your need is for feed or breed, please give me the chance to show you some of these beauties! If you are interested please feel free to send email to or or call 832-863-5128. We can make arrangements for delivery if needed.

erf tammy0518

Name: erf tammy0518
Farm Name: East River Farm
City: Bluefield
Phone: 540-219-3931

Bio: we are a small family farm in southwest virginia. we raise quality pastured pork, geese, and turkeys. we also have a beautiful herd of wagyu beef cattle and mid miniature jersey cows. our large black herd consists of 3 sow lines- daisy, prudence, and charlotte. we have 2 boar lines- defender and super. we are able to meet all of your breeding needs by offering breeding pairs, trios, as well as gilts or boars for your homestead. call us. we always love to talk pig!

Frauke Bruns

Name: Frauke Bruns
Farm Name: Basel LLC
City: Rhoadesville
Phone: 540 273 3420

Bio: We are located in Northern Virginia, our business is on naturally raised heritage pigs. We have blood lines Defender, Super along with Charlotte and Matilda


Name: Paul & jill Knittel
Farm Name:
City: Davenport
Phone: 509-201-7979

Bio: We have Warbler sow lines, and Noble Sam and Defender boar lines. We are in eastern Washington, about an hour west of Spokane.

Erik Ellis

Name: Erik Ellis
Farm Name: Bellis Family Farm
City: Chelan
Phone: 509-888-0419

Bio: Our family micro-farm is located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains near beautiful Lake Chelan in central Washington. We raise purebred stock registered with both the Large Black Hog Association and the Red Wattle Hog Association. We believe organic, pastured production is the only way to go. We currently feed only certified organic peas/barley/wheat and alfalfa/grass hay as supplement to our spray free pastures, as we work toward our full organic certification.

Jennifer & Michael Brevard - Clover Hill Harvest

Name: Jennifer & Michael Brevard - Clover Hill Harvest
Farm Name: Clover Hill Harvest, LLC
City: Helenville
Phone: 608-215-7391

Bio: Our farm goal is to produce healthy, sustainable, great tasting food the way nature intended. We provide organically pastured pork, turkeys, rabbits and chicken eggs. Find us on Facebook at

Rodney Bratsven

Name: Rodney Bratsven
Farm Name: Bratsven Grazers
City: Lublin
Phone: 715-314-0781 715-447-8705

Bio: Having not dairy cows no more putting more time for the raising better breeding stock ,pasture raised hogs are all grass fed pigs have acers to roam, having new boar for my gilts to better the breed with Lucky George Super 8 bloodline now expanding the bloodline with CF Matilda and Norwegian Pride Matilda , having the new piglets are more relaxed more active for foraging wanting more attention

West Virginia
Undefined State