Recognized by the ALBC as a Breeding Club

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is a wonderful organization working to protect over 150 rare livestock and poultry breeds from extinction. We are now officially listed as a Breed Club on their web site.

The Large Black Hogs we raise are listed in the CRITICAL category of breed census, meaning there are fewer than 200 annual registration in the United States and a estimated global population of less than 2,000. We have nearly 200 in our breed database at this point. Maybe we’ll get to rise up to the THREATENED category by early next year with our enthusiasm for these great pigs and work through this Large Black Hog Association.

I encourage anyone who can to support the ALBC and become a member. They have a nice breed book that goes out every year to help promote your good work with these animals. Keep the piglets and registrations coming, everyone!